Morrowind:Andilo Thelas

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relevant, savant , author of Savant's Note On Vvardenfell
#REDIRECT [[Morrowind:Gnaar Mok#Andilo Thelas]] {{Non-Relevant NPC |health=65 |race=Dunmer |class=Savant }}
{{cleanup|what is her book called, she greats you with "Did you enjoy my book?". AFIK, Caius gives it to you}}
{{NPC Summary
|id=andilo thelas
|city=Gnaar Mok
|loc=Arenim Manor, outside
|faction={{Faction|House Hlaalu|1}}
[[Morrowind:Andilo Thelas|Andilo Thelas]] is a [[Morrowind:Dunmer|Dunmer]] [[Morrowind:Savant|Savant]] living in the Arenim Manor on the outskirts of [[Morrowind:Gnaar Mok|Gnaar Mok]]. Andilo is a [[Morrowind:House Hlaalu|House Hlaalu]] Retainer and together with [[Morrowind:Llaalam Dredil|Llaalam Dredil]], she is the author of [[Morrowind:Savant's Note On Vvardenfell|Savant's Note On Vvardenfell]] and can offer interesting information on many topics, if you explore her dialog options. You'll find her upstairs and outside on the balcony of the manor.