Lore:Skaal Village

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[[Image:MW-Images-Skaal village.jpg|left|thumb|Skaal village in the beautiful dawn.]]
The '''Skaal Village''' is the home of the [[{{NAMESPACE}}:Skaal|Skaal]], a nature-worshipping tribe of [[{{NAMESPACE}}:Nord|Nords]]. The village is located in the [[Bloodmoon:Felsaad Coast|Felsaad Coast]] region of [[Bloodmoon:Places|Solstheim]], north of the Mead Hall of [[{{NAMESPACE}}:Thirsk|Thirsk]], and is marked on the [[Bloodmoon:Bloodmoon|Bloodmoon]] paper map. Skaal Village features prominently during [[Bloodmoon:Main Quest|Bloodmoon's main quest]].
Clad in traditional [[Bloodmoon:Nordic Mail|Nordic Mail]] armor, Skaal Honor Guards protect the village from intruders, man and beast alike. At first, the villagers of Skaal are not very friendly outsiders, but are more welcoming once they accept you.