Lore:An Overview of Gods And Worship

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</noinclude>''Note: This is the version of the book found in [[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]. A similar but not identical book also exists in [[Morrowind:Morrowind|Morrowind]] and [[Oblivion:Oblivion|Oblivion]]; see [[Tamriel:Overview of Gods and Worship|Overview of Gods and Worship]] for that version.
{{indent}}Editor's Note: Brother Hetchfeld is an Associate Scribe at the
Imperial University, Office of Introductory Studies<br>
{{indent}}Gods are commonly viewed by the evidence of their interest in
worldly matters. A central belief in the active
participation of Deities in mundane matters can be
challenged by the evidence of apathy on the part of Gods
during times of plague or famine.<br>
{{indent}}From intervention in legendary quests to manifestations in
common daily life, no pattern for the Gods of Tamriel
activities is readily apparent. The concerns of Gods in
many ways may seem unrelated or at best unconcerned with the
daily trials of the mortal realm. The exceptions do exist,
{{indent}}Many historical records and legends point to the direct
intervention of one or more gods at times of great need.
Many heroic tales recount blessings of the divinity
conclude that we, as mortals, may not be capable of
understanding more than a small fraction of the reasoning
and logic such beings use.<br>
{{indent}}One defining characteristic of all Gods and Goddesses is
their interest in worship and deeds. Deeds in the form of holy
quests are just one of the many things that bring the
results are not always apparent but sacrifice and offerings
are usually required to have any hope of gaining a Deity's
{{indent}}While direct intervention in daily temple life has been
recorded, the exact nature of the presence of a God in daily
mundane life is up to great speculation. A traditional
mans accident." While some gods are believed to take an
active part of daily life, others are well known for their
lack of interest in temporal affairs.<br>
{{indent}}It has been theorized that gods do in fact gain strength from
such things as worship through praise, sacrifice and deed. It
may even be theorized that the number of worshippers a given
apparent ability of the larger temples to attain blessings
and assistance from their God with greater ease than smaller
religious institutions.<br>
{{indent}}There are reports of the existence of spirits in our world
that have the same capacity to use the actions and deeds of
mortals to strengthen themselves as do the Gods. The
understanding of the exact nature of such creatures would
allow us to understand with more clarity the connection
between a Deity and the Deity's worshipers.<br>
{{indent}}The implication of the existence of such spirits leads to the
speculation that these spirits may even be capable of
raising themselves to the level of a God or Goddess. Motusuo