Shivering:Withering Moon

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==Withering Moon==
{{Ingredient Summary
|eff1=[[Oblivion:Restore Magicka|Restore Magicka]]
|eff1eff2={{[[Oblivion Alchemy Effect:Shield|Restore Magicka}}Shield]]
|eff2eff3={{[[Oblivion:Cure Alchemy EffectDisease|Shield}}Cure Disease]]
|eff3eff4={{[[Oblivion:Reflect Alchemy EffectSpell|CureReflect Disease}}Spell]]
|eff4={{Oblivion Alchemy Effect|Reflect Spell}}
|plant=Withering Moon
|harvest=25/, 33
|nplants=1044 Total (59 in SI, 985 in caves)
|icon=SI-ing-Withering Moon.png
|image=SI-Plant-Withering Moon.jpg
|imgdesc=Withering Moon plants
The ingredient '''Withering Moon''' comes from the Dementia plant "Withering Moon," which grows in caves. There are actually 2 varieties of this plant, both of which yield the same ingredient, but with differing harvest chances (25% and 33%).
Withering Moon is a fairly rare ingredient, typically found underground in the Shivering Isles. Fairly sizable concentrations can usually be found growing naturally in root tunnels such as [[Shivering:Knotty_Bramble|Knotty Bramble]], or apparently used as light sources in ruins, notably [[Shivering:Xedilian|Xedilian]], though the low harvest rate still makes it difficult to harvest large quantities at once.
26 guaranteed samples can be found. The places with the highest numbers of samples are:
* 4 samples are in [[Shivering:Runs-in-Circles|Runs-in-Circles]]' House in [[Shivering:Highcross|Highcross]]
* 3 samples are in [[Shivering:Zoe Malene|Zoe Malene]]'s House in [[Shivering:Hale|Hale]]
* 3 samples are in [[Shivering:Erver Devani|Erver Devani]]'s House in [[Shivering:Deepwallow|Deepwallow]]
* 3 samples are in [[Shivering:Jayred Ice-Veins|Jayred]]'s House in [[Shivering:The Fringe|The Fringe]]
It can also be found randomly in [[Shivering:Ahjazda|Ahjazda]]'s inventory and in some loot chests.
The places with the highest concentrations of Withering Moon are:
* 202 plants are in [[Shivering:Swampgas Chasm|Swampgas Chasm]]
* 196 plants are in the [[Shivering:Gardens of Flesh and Bone|Gardens of Flesh and Bone]]
* 113 plants are in [[Shivering:Blackroot Lair|Blackroot Lair]]
* 100 plants are in [[Shivering:Knotty Bramble|Knotty Bramble]]
* 73 plants are in [[Shivering:The Fountainhead|The Fountainhead]]
[[Image:SI-Map-WitheringMoon.jpg|thumb|left|250 px|Locations of Withering Moon plants]]