Oblivion:Beneath the Bloodworks

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** '''C''' leads to [[Oblivion:The Market Sewers|The Market Sewers]], which can be entered from the [[Oblivion:Market District|Market District]].
*** Note that the door at '''C''' only provides access to the corridor leading south from the door; the room to the east is at a different level vertically than the door.
** '''EG''' leads to [[Oblivion:The Palace Sewers|The Palace Sewers]].
** '''FJ''' and '''GK''' both lead to [[Oblivion:The South East Tunnel|The South East Tunnel]], which can be entered from the [[Oblivion:Arboretum|Arboretum]] District or from the [[Oblivion:Imperial Sewers SE. Exit|Imperial Sewers SE. Exit]]
* 2 Slough Gates at '''D''' and '''E'''
* 1 Gate at '''DF''' (locked, key required, opened by the [[Oblivion:Keys#Imperial Sewer Key|Imperial Sewer Key]] which is obtained during [[Oblivion:The Ultimate Heist|The Ultimate Heist]])
* 2 Gates at '''H''' and '''I'''