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Listed here are some of the commonly used features of mod and savegame management [[Tes4Mod:Modding#Tools|tools]].
'''Mod management''' tools for Oblivion are necessary for a wide variety of reasons, much like they were in Morrowind. Although some of the issues are different between Morrowind and Oblivion, many issues are the same. This article describes some of the issues and the tools available.
==Mod Reconciliation==
;Leveled List Merging
:*Merge changes to the same leveled list by different mods, so that all additions, deletions and releveling appear during gameplay.
:*[ Wrye Bash]: Bashed Patch: Leveled Lists
;Load Ordering
===Leveled List Merging===
:*Set the relative load order of mods in order to specify which mod wins in case of conflicts.
:When different mods alter the same leveled list, the last mod to load will "win", i.e. will override any changes made by earlier loading mods. This is particularly a problem with creature and the various releveling mods which alter so many lists. To overcome this, it is necessary to merge the changes to the various leveled lists into a new "merged list" mod, and ensure that this new mod loads after all the mods whose lists it merges.
:* [ OBMM]
:* [ Wrye Bash]
;Record Merging
:While leveled list merging was previously thought to be impossible due to mod isolation, a way around that has now been found. Thus both manual built and automatically generated leveled lists are available.
:*Merge changes to different parts of the same record by different mods.
:* [ Wrye Bash]: Bashed Patch
:* [ Wrye Bash]: Import: Merged Lists function.
===Load Ordering===
:As more mods are released for Oblivion, Mod Management Tools are becoming much more critical. Because many mods change numerous small things about the game, being able to force the order in which mods load is critical if you want to get a lot of mods working well together. This is because the Oblivion data files selector is purely alphabetical, whereas actual load order is dictated by the modification date on each mod (just like in Morrowind). Thus, changes to the same settings or objects made in more recent mods will always override changes to the same things made in older mods.
:For example, if you want to use two mods that mostly change different things about the game (such as leveling speed and loot) but also change some of the same things in different ways, altering the load order is the only way to ensure you get anywhere near the mix of changes you want. Note that without physically merging or altering such mods, it is impossible to dictate exactly the mix of changes you'll get, but you can at least have some control over precedence by altering the load order.
:Another reason load-order is critical has to do with storing your gear in a house mod. For example, consider the following scenario: you add a house mod (or perhaps a mod that adds non-refreshing containers to guildhalls) and play for a while, storing some of your gear in those containers and gradually adding some other mods.
:The only way around this problem (other than removing all your gear before the upgrade) is to alter the load-order of the updated mod so it loads in the same relative position as the old version did.
:* [ Oblivion Mod Manager]: Load reordering.
:* [ Wrye Bash]: Load reordering.
:* [ ReOrder Mods]: Load reordering.
===Object Merging===
:When different mods modify the same data object, then only the changes from the last loaded mod will make it into the game. What's needed to resolve this is a tool like Ghostwheel's TesTool for Morrowind. Note however, that any such object merging tools is limited by Mod Isolation. (See [[Tes4Mod:FormId|FormId]] and [[Tes4Mod:Mod Integration|Mod Integration]]).
:* [ Oblivion Mod Manager]: Conflict detection.
==Mod Tweaking==
===;Back Versioning===
:*Change a mod file to an older version of the mod file so that it may be edited by the older version of the TESCS.
:Mod files have an internal version number which is used by the constructions set and (presumably) the Oblivion engine. However, the released version (1.0.303) of the Construction Set refuses to edit the newer official mods. (Newer official mods are at version 1.0, while older mods are at 0.8.) You can make these files viewable/editable in TESCS by setting the internal version number back to 0.8.
:* [ Wrye Bash]: Use Version 0.8 command.
:'''Note:''' The older DLC mods with the newer version number seemed to make little use of newer features of TESCS. However, Knights.esp seems to make broader use and generates more error messages when accessing the "back-versioned" mod in the CS.
:'''UPDATE:''' Editing official mods is usually no longer a problem because of the newest released version of the Construction Set. Nevertheless, this section will prove informative for those who are unable or unwilling to use the most recent versions of the CS and Oblivion.
:If you wish to modify an official mod or make use of its resources, probably the safest thing to do is create another esp that has the DLC esp as a master. This is a bit complicated to do, but is safe, and allows you to distribute your patch mod to other users without distributing any of original (copyright protected) content. For an example with description of this approach, see [ Wrye's Knight Patch].
;Mod Translation
:'''Back-Versioning Tools'''
:*Translate a mod to/from a foreign language.
:* [ ESPluginCracker/ESPCracker]: Use ESPCracker to select your plugin and then set it back to "Version 0.8" You can view any plugin's Version No. easily or switch a plugin betweeen .esp and .esm status without renaming it.
:* Any Hex Editor: Open esp go to offsets 18H to 1DH and change 0C 00 00 00 80 3F to 0C 00 CD CC 4C 3F.
:* [ Tes4Gecko]: Open mod, change description and save. (File version is set to 0.8 as side effect.) Note: Tes4Gecko is an updated version of ScripterRon's Tes4 Plugin Utility.)
:* [ Wrye Bash]: Use "Version 0.8" command.
:'''Mod Patching Tools''':
:* [ Tes4Gecko]: Extracts much of content of a mod to a master. This can usually be used in place of Bash's "Copy to Esm" + "Version 0.8" command combination.
:* [ Wrye Bash]: Copy to Esm. Esmify/Espify Masters.
===Mod Translation===
:While translation is obviously a problem for mods with dialog, it's also a problem for mods that modify and/or add existing items, and even mods that make changes to races (e.g., Capucine's Eyes, which modifies the allowed eyes for all races.)
:What's needed is a tool that allows users to automatically rectify the names (and other variables, e.g., the voices in the race records) to the user's language. I.e., to reset the names supplied by Oblivion itself.
:* [ TES4 Mod Translator] Still alpha?
:* [ tecra's Mod-Translator] 1.2
:* [[Tes4Mod:Tes4View|Tes4View]] Use Tes4Trans mode.
==Savegame Repair==
===;Animation Slowing===
:*Repair the [ animation slowing] (frozen doors, frozen flame) bug that appears around 200 hours (time varies) of gameplay.
:After around 200 hours of gameplay, many players begin to experience slowing of certain animations (flames, particle effects, opening/closing doors, etc.). This bug is colloquially referred to as the "ABomb". A workaround for this on the PC is to reset a float value within the savegame file. There are several programs that do this. There is no solution for Xbox or PS3 gamers.
:For more information, see [ ES Forums: Slow/Frozen Doors].
:* [ RenderFred's program]
:* [ Stoffe -mkb-]
:* [ Wrye Bash]: Use "Repair Abomb" command on savegame file.
===;Hair Bug===
:*Repair the bug that causes a CTD when using showRaceMenu after a previously used hair adding mod has been removed.
:If you use a hair from a user mod with your NPC and then later remove that hair mod, your players hair will appear to set to default. However, if you then try to edit your player's appearance in game using the showRaceMenu command, the game will crash to desktop.
:You can avoid this problem by changing the players hair to the desired new style (or at least one of the default styles) ''before'' removing the hair mod. Alternatively, you can use Wrye Bash to repair the problem. (Bash will set the hairstyle to one of Oblivion default hairstyles.)
:* [ Wrye Bash]: Use "Repair Hair" command on savegame.
===Releveling;Relevel NPCs===
:*Relevel NPCs in savegame to altered levels from newly added/removed mods. (Usually only necessary if adding/removing an overhaul mod after starting a game.)
:One of the common objections to Oblivion is the overleveling of NPCs. E.g., guards always level up to provide extremely tough fights for the player, no matter what the player's level. There are several mods out that attempt to correct this; however, due to the way Oblivion saves NPC leveling info, these mods will only affect the leveling for NPCs in new save games.
:* [ Wrye Bash]: Update NPC Levels
:What's needed is a tool which will update the NPC leveling info in an existing savegame to reflect the modified scheme introduced by the mod.
:* [ Wrye Bash]: Import NPC Levels for Saves
==Savegame Tweaking==
===;Face Transplantation===
:* Replace the PCs face with a face imported from a mod, other savegame or data file.
:While Oblivion's use of FaceGen adds a huge amount of control over [[Oblivion:Character Creation#Face Generation|user faces]] in the game, many users find it difficult to create attractive faces. And even users who can do that, find it difficult and time consuming to repeat the process when starting a new game. If you're searching for faces on the internet search for 'Saved Games' or in categories for saves on the various Oblivion [[oblivion:links#Fansites|fansites]].
:* [ Oblivion Face Exchange Lite]
:* [ Wrye Bash]: Face import/export for mods and saves.
;In Game Formid
:*Determine the modindex of a mod in order to determine the in-game formid of an object added by a mod.
:* [ Oblivion Face Exchange Lite]: Allow you to import/export faces from the save files, clipboard or program's own "face file". You may also change character's name, hair style, hair color, hair length and eyes.
:* [ Wrye Bash]: Face import/export between saves and between saves and mods.
===In Game Formid===
:The first two digits of the formid of an object in your savegame are equal to the load order (starting at zero) of the mod. Oblivion.esm is always first, so its order is 0, so the first two digits are always 00. A mod that loads 10th (i.e., 9th after Oblivion.esm) is 09. But after that we get into hex territory. The tenth mod after Oblivion is '0A'. The sixteenth mod after Oblivion.esm is '10'.
:A simple way to figure out the hex number is to use Oblivion Mod Manager or Wrye Bash. Both of these tools will list the load order for each mod as the hex number.
:Another in-game approach is to find an item that the mod placed in the game, open the console, click on it, and read the first two digits from the display. (However, this approach requires finding an object that the mod directly places into the game -- many mods don't do this, or do it only rarely.)
:For more information, see [[Tes4Mod:FormId|FormId]].
:* [ Oblivion Mod Manager]
:* [ Wrye Bash]: Modindex of loaded mods is shown in second column of Mods tab.