Daggerfall:Spell Maker

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Effects: Just a few notes-James Wildspell : )
*When creating spells, variable costs can be manipulated in one specific way to increase spell power in a subtle, yet powerful, way. A variable of 1-1 has the same casting cost as a variable of 1-2. A variable of 3-3 has the same casting cost as 3-4. This pattern continues with each increase of pairs of integers, as long as the first integer is an odd number. At mid- to higher levels, these small increments can become significant.
*While any three affects can be combined in a given spell, it is easier to combine complimentary effects in most cases. Having their durations set the same can also simplify matters.
**''Water Breathing'' and ''Water Walking'' are usually needed in conjunction with one another.
**''Invisibility (True)'', ''Fly'' and ''Silence'' creates a near approximation of a ghostly form.
**''Damage'' and ''Continual Damage'' in the '''Area Around Caster''' can solve the problem of creatures being "underfoot" when jumping, swimming or levitating down.
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