Daggerfall:Spell Maker

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==Spell-Maker Basics==
Using the Spell-Maker, custom spells with up to three effects can be created. Depending upon the chosen effects of the spell, many parameters of these spells can be adjusted to a large degree. Besides the effects, the purchase cost and the casting cost are the most important considerations when creating custom spells.
Different icons, in various colors, can also be chosen for each spell. These are unimportant for spells which are instantaneous (such as attack spells, teleports, etc.), but it can be useful to color-code different types of spells with lasting durations. Since these icons start to blink when a spell is about to expire; it can help to know at a glance that the spell that is about to expire is the levitation spell keeping the character from falling from a great height rather than a regeneration spell.
===Purchase Cost===
*The power of the spell.
Skill levels vary widely from character to character, and throughout a character's lifetime, so no hard-and-fast advice can cover every contingency. Some general advice follows nevertheless.
*Having two spells with identical effects, but with differing parameters, can be helpful: the short-duration levitation spell one uses to circumnavigate typical dungeon obstacles may need a longer-duration counterpart in the Mantella Crux, for example.
*Spells based entirely on the Destruction skill can easily be practiced for free, thereby resulting in a rapid rise in that skill. This can alter the casting cost of such a spell greatly in short amount of time.