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Flora of Grazelands is dominated by wickwheat, and this is one of the few areas where it grows. There are sporadically spread trees, and stoneflowers are the most frequent flowering plant. It is home to wild Guars, Alit and Shalk. It is also a region where, due to its scarce population, it is not uncommon to see [[{{NAMESPACE}}:Daedra|Daedra]], including Golden Saints and Ogrims, just walking around in the open.
Much of Grazelands is uninhabited and thus belongs to the Temple. The population of the Grazelands is still essentially nomadic [[{{NAMESPACE}}:Ashlanders|Ashlanders]], and aside from [[{{NAMESPACE}}:Tel Vos|Tel Vos]], the tower of [[{{NAMESPACE}}:House Telvanni|Telvanni]] lord Master Aryon, and the nearby town of [[{{NAMESPACE}}:Vos|Vos]], these picturesque hunters and herders in their traditional garb are the main people one will meet.
Current [[{{NAMESPACE}}:Ashlanders|Ashlander]] settlements in the area are the [[{{NAMESPACE}}:Ahemmusa Camp|Ahemmusa Camp]] in the north, and the [[{{NAMESPACE}}:Zainab Camp|Zainab Camp]] to the south. Presence of [[{{NAMESPACE}}:Tel Vos|Tel Vos]] and the proximity to the [[{{NAMESPACE}}:House Telvanni|Telvanni]] homeland means that this [[{{NAMESPACE}}:House Telvanni|House]] is the most likely to make future claims in the region.
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