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Quest-Related Events
:''"I did not want to send word to the king until I was certain necromancy was involved. Now though, he should be informed right away.<br>I must stay here and oversee the cleanup. You are the one who turned the tide here. Will you inform the king as well?"''
:'''Yes. I can go speak to the king.'''
Alternatively, If you haven't completed Risen from the Depths and avoided all the undead, she will say something different to start the quest:
If you approach her, she will observe the chaos happening at the docks, saying ''"This is not good...Really not good..."''
Speaking to her:
:''"Whoa! Where in Oblivion did you come from? The boat? Did you just dodge past all those walking dead?<br>If you told me you killed a few of them, I wouldn't blame you. I might even thank you. Anything would help right now."''
:'''Are you planning a response?'''
:''"What would you have me do, stranger? You realize our people, and my guards, are very superstitious about this kind of thing? They will not fight the undead.<br>I must confess, I am at something of a loss here."''
:'''So there's no one in the city to fight the undead?'''
:''"If there is, I certainly do not know them, but we must make sure King Fahara'jad is aware of the situation.<br>With this chaos, I cannot leave my post. I wonder, would you be willing to deliver this news to the palace?"''
:'''Someone has to. I guess I'll do it.'''
Once you agree to speak with Fahara'jad, you can ask some more questions.
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