Skyrim:Alternative Armors - Dragon Plate

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:''Includes four pieces of heavy Dragon Plate armor as featured in The Elder Scrolls: Blades plus the famed Dragonbone Mail. Quest by Kris Takahashi.''
:;See '''[[Skyrim:Alternative Armors - OrcishDragon Plate Items|Alternative Armors - Dragon Plate Items]]''' for a detailed list of items added by the creation.
:*[[Skyrim:Dismal Visage|Dismal Visage]]
:*[[Skyrim:Dragonbone Mail|Dragonbone Mail]]
:*[[Skyrim:Dragonplate Insulated Boots|Dragonplate Insulated Boots]]
:*[[Skyrim:Dragonplate Insulated Gauntlets|Dragonplate Insulated Gauntlets]]
:*[[Skyrim:Dragonplate Insulated Helmet|Dragonplate Insulated Helmet]]
:*[[Skyrim:Dismal Visage|Dismal Visage]]
:*[[Skyrim:Namira's Itch|Namira's Itch]]
:*[[Skyrim:Tyrant's Bane|Tyrant's Bane]]