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The Late-Third & Fourth Era: OtGC says nothing about Winterhold being the capital.
[[File:SR-npc-High King Torygg.jpg|thumb|left|High King Torygg]]
[[File:SR-npc-Elisif the Fair.jpg|thumb|right|High Queen Elisif the Fair]]
Another city that prospered in that time was the province's capital, {{Lore Link|Winterhold (city)}}, but its legacy was later destroyed by the {{Lore Link|Great Collapse}} in {{Year|4E 122}}.{{Ref|name=OtGC|{{Cite Book|On the Great Collapse}}}} The role of capital shifted to its ancient rivals in Solitude and it continued for another century to High King {{Lore Link|Istlod}}, who in turn passed away and the moot chose his son, {{Lore Link|Torygg}}.{{Ref|name=SRLoad}} In {{Year|4E 201}}, the High King was approached by the Jarl of Windhelm, {{Lore Link|Ulfric Stormcloak}}, who challenged him in a duel for leadership. What many did not realize was that he used the power of his {{Lore Link|Thu'um}} to obliterate the High King and kill him. With the help of his supporters, he escaped Solitude and prepared for war.{{Ref|name=SRStentor|[[Skyrim:Sybille Stentor|Sybille Stentor]]'s dialogue in [[Skyrim:Skyrim|Skyrim]]}}{{Ref|name=NA|{{cite Book|Nords Arise!}}}}
The {{Lore Link|Skyrim Civil War}} followed suit, between the Imperial power in west Skyrim that was spearheaded by the military-governor, {{Lore Link|Tullius}} and the ruling-regent, {{Lore Link|Elisif the Fair}}, and the {{Lore Link|Stormcloaks}}, the nationalist rebellion in the {{Lore Link|Old Holds}} maintained by Ulfric Stormcloak's court in Windhelm. General Tullius and Legate {{Lore Link|Rikke}} oversaw the operations of the {{Lore Link|Imperial Legion}} from Castle Dour while Jarl Elisf continued to govern Haafingar from Solitude.{{Ref|name=SRTullius|[[Skyrim:General Tullius#Joining the Legion|General Tullius]]' dialogue in [[Skyrim:Skyrim|Skyrim]]}}