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|region=[[Lore:Blackwood|Blackwood]]<br />([[Lore:Blackwood Bog|Blackwood Bog]])
|type=Ayleid Ruin
|imgdesc=Welke circa {{Year|3E 433}}
|appears=[[Oblivion:Welke|Oblivion]]<!--, [[Online:Welke|ESO]]-->
}}<!--[[File:ON-place-Welke.jpg|thumb|right|Welke circa {{Year|2E 582}}]]-->
</noinclude>[[Lore:Welke|Welke]] (meaning ''Sky'' in [[Lore:Ayleidoon|Ayleidoon]]) is an [[Lore:Ayleid|Ayleid]] [[Lore:Ayleid Ruins|ruin]] located along the southern banks of the {{Lore Link|Panther River}}, in the northern part of [[Lore:Blackwood|Blackwood]] of [[Lore:Cyrodiil|Cyrodiil]]. Its subsections of ''Ceyede'' and ''Edesel'' translate to "Shadow-End" and "End-Halls" respectively.
During the {{Lore Link|Alessian Slave Rebellion}}, Welke became home to one of the {{Lore Link|Ten Ancestors}}, Ayleid statues originally held in the {{Lore Link|White-Gold Tower}} which were dispersed to cities across Cyrodiil for safekeeping.{{ref|name=OBUmbacano|[[Oblivion:Umbacano|Umbacano]]'s dialogue in [[Oblivion:Oblivion|Oblivion]]}} Welke subsequently fell into ruin after the Ayleids' downfall.
==See Also==
*For game-specific information, see the [[Oblivion:Welke|''Oblivion'']]<!-- and [[Online:Welke|ESO]]--> article.