Lore:Pinepeak Cavern

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|imgdesc=Pinepeak Cavern ca. {{Year|2E 582}}
[[Lore:Pinepeak Cavern|Pinepeak Cavern]] is a cave next to the path up the [[Lore:Throat of the World|Throat of the World]], in the province of [[Lore:Skyrim|Skyrim]]. It is a natural cavern with a deep and expansive sub-structure that refugees have often used as a sanctuary in centuries of tumultuous times. While some of the local [[Lore:Nord|Nords]] claim that it is safe, others refuse to enter the cave because of the fear that it may cave in on them.{{Ref|name=ONLoadPinepeak|[[Online:Pinepeak Cavern|Pinepeak Cavern]] location in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}} Unbeknownst to them, Pinepeak Cavern has a tomb deep in the cave system built for one of the [[Lore:Five Hundred Companions|Five Hundred Companions]], [[Lore:Hakra|Hakra]],{{Ref|name=ONNetapatuu|[[Online:Netapatuu|Netapatuu]]'s dialogue in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}} who died in battle against the [[Lore:Half-Giant|half-giant]] chieftain, [[Lore:Sinmur|Sinmur]].{{Ref|name=SOTR27|{{Cite Book|Songs of the Return, Volume 27}}}}<noinclude>