Lore:Pinepeak Cavern

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|region=[[Lore:The Rift|The Rift]]<br />([[Lore:Ragged Hills|Ragged Hills]])
|name=Pinepeak Cavern
|appears=[[Skyrim:Pinepeak Cavern|Skyrim]], [[Online:Pinepeak Cavern|ESO]]
|image=ON-place-Pinepeak Cavern.jpg
|imgdesc=Pinepeak Cavern circaca. {{Year|2E 582}}
[[Lore:Pinepeak Cavern|Pinepeak Cavern]] is a cave next to the path up the [[Lore:Throat of the World|Throat of the World]], in the province of [[Lore:Skyrim|Skyrim]]. It is a natural cavern with a deep and expansive sub-structure that refugees have often used as a sanctuary in centuries of tumultuous times. While some of the local [[Lore:Nord|Nords]] claim that it is safe, others refuse to enter the cave because of the fear that it may cave in on them.{{Ref|name=ONLoadPinepeak|[[Online:Pinepeak Cavern|Pinepeak Cavern]] location in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}} Unbeknownst to them, Pinepeak Cavern has a tomb deep in the cave system built for one of the [[Lore:Five Hundred Companions|Five Hundred Companions]], [[Lore:Hakra|Hakra]],{{Ref|name=ONNetapatuu|[[Online:Netapatuu|Netapatuu]]'s dialogue in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}} who died in battle against the [[Lore:Half-Giant|half-giant]] chieftain, [[Lore:Sinmur|Sinmur]].{{Ref|name=SOTR27|{{Cite Book|Songs of the Return, Volume 27}}}}
{{Lore Link|Pinepeak Cavern}} is a natural cavern found in the region of {{Lore Link|the Rift}}, in the province of {{Lore Link|Skyrim}}. Like various other natural caves in {{Lore Link|Tamriel}}, Pinepeak Cavern is theorized to have served as a capillary for the living body of {{Lore Link|Nirn}}, and once pulsed with the living essence of the {{Lore Link|Aedra}} who created it.{{Ref|[[Online:Weeping Wind Cave|Weeping Wind Cave]] loading screen in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}}<noinclude>
According to the {{Lore Link|Speluncus Tamrielicum}}, the reason why natural caverns such as Pinepeak are so abundant is that they may have served as a system of capillaries and nodes that pulsed the divine essence of its {{Lore Link|Aedra|Aedric}} creators.{{Ref|name=ONLoadWeeping|[[Online:Weeping Wind Cave|Weeping Wind Cave]] loading screen text in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}} {{Lore Link|Ysgramor}} and his Five Hundred Companions fought a large battle against the {{Lore Link|Merethic Era}} Chieftain, Sinmur and the {{Lore Link|giant}} clans of ancient Skyrim until Sinmur stood his last stand. Many companions died in this final battle, including Hakra and her fellow companion, {{Lore Link|Valdur}}. After Sinmur had been felled by Ysgramor and his legendary axe, {{Lore Link|Wuuthrad}},{{Ref|name=SOTR27}} both Hakra and Valdur were buried in the western corners of the Rift, with Hakra placed in Pinepeak's tomb, to protect the land in death from threats to Skyrim's longevity.{{Ref|name=ONValdur|[[Online:Valdur|Valdur]]'s dialogue in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}} Hakra's spirit was bound to the tomb via burial urns of {{Lore Link|Kyne}}, {{Lore Link|Stuhn}}, and {{Lore Link|Shor}}.{{Ref|name=ONHakra|[[Online:Hakra|Hakra]]'s dialogue in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}}
In the late-{{Lore Link|Merethic Era}}, the Pinepeak Cavern was chosen to inter one of the fallen {{Lore Link|Five Hundred Companions}}, {{Lore Link|Hakra}}, who had fallen in the battle against {{Lore Link|Sinmur}}, the Chieftain of the {{Lore Link|Giant}}s.{{Ref|{{Cite Book|Songs of the Return, Volume 27}}}} Throughout the centuries, the Pinepeak Cavern had been used as a sanctuary for refugees in the area. While the local people would say that the cave is safe, many would refuse to enter, fearing that it would collapse on them.{{Ref|[[Online:Pinepeak Cavern|Pinepeak Cavern]] loading screen in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}}
During the {{Lore Link|Interregnum}} in {{Year|2E 582}}, the {{Lore Link|Order of the Black Worm}} had launchedambushed anthe invasion{{Lore ontoLink|Ebonheart thePact}} Riftat Pinepeak Cavern, seekingduring their plan to reviveenslave Hakra's spirit to resurrect Sinmur. With a shard of Hakra's essence, the {{Lore Link|The Vestige|King's Arrow}} was able to work with Hakra and wreakrelease havocher acrossfrom the regiontomb's ward. TheOnce they destroyed the final urn, the Worm Cult had cometaken acrossfull Pinepeakcontrol Cavern,of her spirit and sent it to enslaveattack Hakrathe King's spirit,Arrow. andThe laterwarrior sacrificewas hernot only able to strengthendefeat Sinmur.the Howevercompanion, but also the Worm Cult that infested the cave and with Hakra's wasspirit freedliberated, bythe anKing's Arrow traveled south to {{Lore Link|Soulless One|AgentTaarengrav}}, ofwhere the PactWorm Cult conducted the same plan for Valdur's spirit.{{Ref|name=ONTomb|[[Online:Tomb Beneath the Mountain|Tomb Beneath the Mountain]] story quest in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}}
AsSeveral ofyears later in {{Year|4E 201}}, Pinepeakthe Cavernentrance to Hakra's tomb had collapsedbeen inlost and hasthe sincecave becomewas aused as {{Lore Link|Bearbear}}'s den. Some hunters tried to take out the bear but have failed.{{Ref|name=SRPinepeak|[[Skyrim:AnimalPinepeak ExterminationCavern|Pinepeak (B)Cavern]] location in [[Skyrim:Skyrim|Skyrim]]}} The {{Lore Link|Companions}} of {{Lore Link|Whiterun}} sometimes get contracted work to eliminate the bear that lives in Pinepeak Cavern.{{Ref|name=SRAnimal|[[Skyrim:Animal Extermination|Animal (B)Extermination]] radiant quest in [[Skyrim:Skyrim|Skyrim]]}}
ON-npc-Hakra.jpg|The Spirit of Hakra
SR-place-Pinepeak Cavern.jpg|Pinepeak Cavern circaca. 4E 201
ON-npc-Hakra.jpg|The Spirit of Hakra
ON-interior-Pinepeak Cavern.jpg|Pinepeak Cavern's interior
ON-interior-Hakra's Tomb.jpg|Tomb of Sly Hakra
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*For game-specific information, see the [[Skyrim:Pinepeak Cavern|Skyrim]] and [[Online:Pinepeak Cavern|ESO]] articles.