Lore:Guide to the Imperial City

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And where does he live? In the {{Lore Link|Imperial Palace}}, in the center of the Imperial City, in the {{Lore Link|White-Gold Tower|White Gold Tower}} which was built many ages ago by the godless, {{Lore Link|Daedra}}-loving {{Lore Link|Ayleids}}. How fine it is that the stones raised high by this ancient evil empire are now reconsecrated as a monument to Imperial justice and piety.
People who visit the Imperial Palace like to walk among the graves of {{Lore Link|Imperial Saints|saints}} and counts, {{Lore Link|Imperial Battlemages|battlemages}} and {{Lore Link|Tamrielic Emperors|emperors}}, and gaze with wonder upon White Gold Tower, which can be seen from any place within the City.
The [[Lore:Elder Council|Elder Council]] Chamber here cannot be entered, and though you may marvel at their curious ancient armors, you will soon want be away from the rude and discourteous {{Lore Link|Imperial Watch|Imperial Guards}}.