Lore:Daggerfall (kingdom)

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|province=High Rock
|image=DF-map-Iliac Bay (labeled)Daggerfall.png
|imgdesc=Daggerfall's territoryca. prior3E to the {{Lore Link|Warp in the West}}405
|appears=[[Arena:Daggerfall|Arena]], [[Daggerfall:Daggerfall (Region)|Daggerfall]], [[Online:Daggerfall|ESO]]
}}[[File:DF-map-Iliac Bay (labeled).png|thumb|right|Daggerfall's territory prior to the {{Lore Link|Warp in the West}}]]</noinclude>
The {{[[Lore Link|:Daggerfall (kingdom)|KingdomDaggerfall]] is one of Daggerfall}}the iseight locatedmajor kingdoms in the southwestprovince of the[[Lore:High Rock|High Rock]],{{LoreRef|name=EWR|{{Cite LinkBook|Etiquette With Rulers}}}}{{Ref|name=ARMap|[[:File:AR-map-High Rock towns.png|Map of High Rock – The Elder Scrolls: Arena]]}} located in the southwest portion of the province, on the north half of the {{Lore Link|Iliac Bay}}, named after its capital city, {{Lore Link|Daggerfall}}.<noinclude>
**King {{Lore Link|Lysandus}} (before {{Year|3E 403}}){{ref|name=DFM}}
**King {{Lore Link|Gothryd}} (after {{Year|3E 403}}){{ref|name=DF}}
ON-place-Daggerfall 02.jpg|The capital city, Daggerfall
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