Lore:Redguard Cuisine

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+ Seared Venomsteaks
|{{AL|C}}|'''{{Anchor|Scuttle Fondue}}'''
|style=height:110px|Scuttle fondue with sandwort croutons may be served during the Festival of Blades.{{ref|name=ESOt26}}
|{{AL|C}}|'''{{Anchor|Seared Venomsteaks}}'''
|style=height:110px|A dish made from [[Lore:Giant Scorpion|giant scorpion]] meat that is cut into fist-sized steaks as thick as three fingers and covered with sauce. The stinger and the venom sacs are extracted from the meat.{{Ref|name=RFDD|{{Cite Book|Recipe from Desert Delicacies}}}} The recipe calls for:
*Meat of 1 giant scorpion
*[[Lore:Fire Salts|Fire Salts]]
*Grounded [[Lore:Golden poppy|Golden Poppy]]
*1 skin of [[Lore:Pomegranate Wine|Pomegranate Wine]]
*2-3 samples of Tava's teardrop peppers