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Western Colovia was caught in the middle of the {{Lore Link|Camoran Usurper's Invasion}}, and before it reached Hammerfell and its southern coast, {{Lore Link|Haymon Camoran}}'s armies stomped through Kvatch and unleashed a great horror onto the Colovian West.{{Ref|name=TR|{{Cite Book|The Refugees}}}} While the usurper had the undivided attention of the Empire, the pirate captain, {{Lore Link|Torradan ap Dugal}} and his {{Lore Link|Red Sabre}}s wreaked havoc across the west coast and even gained the title, the Terror of the Gold Coast.{{Ref|name=CDJ1|{{Cite Book|Cap'n Dugal's Journal, Part 1}}}} His endeavors had eventually caught up with him once the Usurper was defeated in {{Year|3E 267}} and Commodore {{Lore Link|Fasil Umbranox}} placed all of his efforts on the pirate's downfall. The Commodore traveled to Anvil, at the time under Torradan's reign, and attempted to root him out. But when he came up with nothing in Anvil, he hunted the Abecean Sea to eventually root out the captain. Torradan was caught in a trap at {{Lore Link|Anvil Bay}} and in a burning town of thieves. The Commodore used mages to collapse the Red Sabres into an old sea cave south of town,{{Ref|name=CDJ3|{{Cite Book|Cap'n Dugal's Journal, Part 3}}}} where they died by {{Year|3E 286}}.{{Ref|name=CDJ1}}{{Ref|name=CDJ4|{{Cite Book|Cap'n Dugal's Journal, Part 4}}}} Umbranox and his men occupied the town and drove out the malcontent in Anvil to the countryside, and with a large number of funds was able to rebuild the city. Fasil Umbranox was granted the title of Count of Anvil and built his seat of power, {{Lore Link|Anvil Castle}} over Dugal's grave.{{Ref|name=OBThieves|[[Oblivion:Thieves Den|Thieves Den]] description text in [[Oblivion:Oblivion|Oblivion]]}}
===ColoviaMartin inSeptim and the late-Third Era andOblivion onwardCrisis===
[[File:OB-quest-The Battle for Castle Kvatch.jpg|thumb|left|The ruins of Kvatch]]
[[File:LG-cardart-Martin Septim.png|thumb|right|Martin Septim]]
The prisoner and Savlian Matius led the city guard through Kvatch and rendezvoused with Martin's group. The warrior was able to talk with Martin and reveal his true past and his newfound purpose to restore the throne but before he could leave, the city needed to be safe. With as many able-bodies as they could muster, the group devised a plan to enter Castle Kvatch and find the Count, {{Lore Link|Ormellius Goldwine}}. Once they were inside, the group defeated the remaining daedra in Kvatch but found the Count dead in his own bedroom.{{Ref|name=OBBattle|[[Oblivion:The Battle for Castle Kvatch|The Battle for Castle Kvatch]] story quest in [[Oblivion:Oblivion|Oblivion]]}} With the city liberated, Savlian went ahead with the city's re-construction as the rest of the refugees gathered back to base camp. Both Martin and the newly-named {{Lore Link|Hero of Kvatch}} left the camp to meet back with Jauffre and began their plans to defeat the Mythic Dawn.{{Ref|name=OBWeynon|[[Oblivion:Weynon Priory|Weynon Priory]] story quest in [[Oblivion:Oblivion|Oblivion]]}}
Their efforts spanned across the province and eventually the Hero of Kvatch needed to gather artifacts to enter {{Lore Link|Paradise}}, domain of the Mythic Dawn and their leader, {{Lore Link|Mankar Camoran}}. Their quest brought them to the ancient city in Colovia's heartlands, Miscarcand where they got a {{Lore Link|Great Welkynd Stone}},{{Ref|name=OBMiscarcand|[[Oblivion:Miscarcand (quest)|Miscarcand]] story quest in [[Oblivion:Oblivion|Oblivion]]}} and the holy city in the northern mountains, Sancre Tor where they obtained the {{Lore Link|Armor of Tiber Septim}}.{{Ref|name=OBDivines|[[Oblivion:Blood of the Divines|Blood of the Divines]]}} In the end, their quest culminated in {{Lore Link|Mehrunes Dagon}}'s invasion over the Imperial City and Martin Septim's divine ascension at the Temple of the One. Martin sacrificed himself and successfully defeatedbanished the Daedric Prince from Nirn, all the while re-lighting the Dragonfires and forever mending the rift between Nirn and Oblivion. Martin's sacrifice had not only marked the end of the {{Lore Link|Septim Dynasty}}, but it also marked the start of the {{Lore Link|Fourth Era}}.{{Ref|name=OBLight|[[Oblivion:Light the Dragonfires|Light the Dragonfires]] story quest in [[Oblivion:Oblivion|Oblivion]]}}{{Ref|name=SRLoad|[[Skyrim:Loading Screens#By Era|By Era]] loading screen text in [[Skyrim:Skyrim|Skyrim]]}} In that same time, the Knights of the Nine were restored and {{Lore Link|Umaril the Unfeathered}} was finally defeated in his compound, Garlas Malatar.{{Ref|name=OBUmaril|[[Oblivion:Umaril the Unfeathered|Umaril the Unfeathered]] story quest in [[Oblivion:Knights of the Nine|Knights of the Nine]]}}
===Colovia in the Fourth Era and onward===
The High Chancellor of the Elder Council, {{Lore Link|Ocato of Firsthold}} convened the council for a bid on selecting a new Emperor. But when it moved unsuccessfully, Ocato took on the role of Potentate up until a new ruler can be chosen.{{Ref|name=RT3|{{Cite Book|Rising Threat, Vol. III}}}} Ten years of ruling the Empire later and the Potentate's assassination sparked the {{Lore Link|Stormcrown Interregnum}}, which lasted for seven, bloody years until the rise of the Colovian Warlord, {{Lore Link|Titus Mede}}.{{Ref|name=RT4|{{Cite Book|Rising Threat, Vol. IV}}}} By the time he had approached the capital city, armed with a thousand soldiers,{{Ref|name=TIC|{{Cite Book|The Infernal City|ns_base=BK}}}}{{rp|109}} it was ruled by a Nibenese witch-warrior named {{Lore Link|Thules the Gibbering}}. Even though he was not a well-liked ruler, the Elder Council favored him for his Nibenese background, but Titus Mede proved to be a capable leader. He managed to receive support from not only Thules' minister, {{Lore Link|Heirem}},{{Ref|name=LOS|{{Cite Book|Lord of Souls|ns_base=BK}}}} but Skyrim's endorsement as well.{{Ref|name=RT4}} {{Lore Link|Mede Dynasty|Mede's dynasty}} continued to hold the Empire for several years, from his crown prince, {{Lore Link|Attrebus Mede}} to his descendant, {{Lore Link|Titus Mede II}}.
On the 30th of {{Lore Link|Frostfall}} in {{Year|4E 171}}, the Aldmeri Dominion waged war with the Third Empire in an event known as the {{Lore Link|Great War}}. While most of the fighting in Cyrodiil took place in the east and south, the Dominion's armies led by Lady {{Lore Link|Arannelya}} crossed into Colovia, bypassing both Anvil and Kvatch to reach Hammerfell, their main objective. But Lord {{Lore Link|Naarifin}}'s invasion of the south led the Thalmor to believe that the Empire was weaker than surmised, so they pursued further with their attack, which led to Cyrodiil's loss of Anvil in {{Year|4E 172}}. By the end of the war, General {{Lore Link|Decianus}}' armies, one of three led by Emperor Titus Mede II, gathered in the Colovian Highlands around Chorrol for the {{Lore Link|Battle of the Red Ring}}, and on the 30th of {{Lore Link|Rain's Hand}}, they descended onto the Imperial City from the west. General {{Lore Link|Jonna}}'s forces tried to reconvene with Decianus' forces but saw an Aldmeri counterattack from Skingrad. After the Emperor's final push onto the city, it had been reclaimed in {{Year|4E 175}}.{{Ref|name=TGW|{{Cite Book|The Great War (book)}}}}