Lore:The Vestige

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Eventually the Vestige met Lyris Titanborn once again in [[ON:Icereach{{Lore Link|Icereach]]}} and aided her in defeating the [[ON:Icereach{{Lore CovenLink|Icereach Coven]]}}. They also helped the last [[ON:{{Lore Link|Shelaria|Pyre Watch Sentinel]]}} and [[ON:Fennorian{{Lore Link|Fennorian]]}}, an investigator from {{Lore Link|House Ravenwatch}}, defend [[ON:Unhallowed_Grave{{Lore Link|Unhallowed Grave]]}} against grave-robbing necromancers. The hero later met with Lyris and investigated a lead on the Icereach Coven in behalf of the [[ON:{{Lore Link|Jorunn the Skald-King|Skald-King]]}}.{{ref|name=TCConspiracy|[[Online:The Coven Conspiracy|The Coven Conspiracy]]}}{{ref|name=TCConundrum|[[Online:The Coven Conundrum|The Coven Conundrumy]]}} The Vestige travelled to [[ON:Western Skyrim|Western Skyrim]] where they saved {{Lore Link|Solitude}} from a harrowstorm, and ousted and slayed the {{Lore Link|Svargrim|High King}} of Western Skyrim for being a pawn of the {{Lore Link|Gray Host}}.{{ref|name=GR|[[Online:Greymoor Rising|Greymoor Rising]]}} The Vestige subsequently aided [[ON:Gwendis{{Lore Link|Gwendis]]}} in defeating a [[ON:Lady{{Lore ThornLink|Ingerien Direnni|Vampire Lord]]}} and a [[ON:Arkasis{{Lore the Mad AlchemistLink|Arkasis|mad alchemist]], both of which were allies of the Gray Host. They continued aiding the Ravenwatch in investigating the Gray Host.{{ref|name=RI|[[Online:The Ravenwatch Inquiry|The Ravenwatch Inquiry]]}}{{ref|name=TGC|[[Online:The Gray Council|The Gray Council]]}}The hero's journey led them to {{Lore Link|Markarth|Markarth}} where they ousted and defeated a [[ON:Lady{{Lore Link|Belain|traitor]]}} in the {{Lore Link|Caddach|Despot of Markarth}}'s court, temporarily saving Markarth in the process.{{ref|name=TSOS|[[Online:The Study of Souls|The Study of Souls]]}}{{ref|name=AFOS|[[Online:A Feast of Souls|A Feast of Souls]]}} Finally, the Vestige travelledtraveled to {{Lore Link|Grayhaven|Grayhaven}} and put an end to {{Lore Link|Rada al-Saran|Rada al-Saran}} once and for all, stopping the Gray Host and saving the Reach.{{ref|name=KOA|[[Online:Kingdom of Ash|Kingdom of Ash]]}}
A chance encounter with the Bosmer [[ON:Eveli{{Lore Sharp-ArrowLink|Eveli Sharp-Arrow]]}} in [[ON:Black{{Lore Drake VillaLink|Black Drake Villa]], and two further encounters with the Dremora [[ON:Lyranth{{Lore Link|Lyranth]]}} - first in [[ON:The{{Lore CauldronLink|The Cauldron]]}}, and subsequently via aan invitation to meet in a remote dungeon (various reports place this dungeon in Rivenspire, Malabal Tor or Shadowfen) revealed the existence of a secret involving the fallen [[Lore:Longhouse Emperors|Longhouse Emperors]] dynasty, a cult known as the [[ON:Order{{Lore of the Waking FlameLink|Order of the Waking Flame]]}}, and a weapon of some sort known as "The {{Lore Link|Four Ambitions}}" and associated with [[Lore:Mehrunes Dagon|Mehrunes Dagon]]. A list was found, of people who were apparently in on the secret - mostly but not all of them were members of Emperor Leovic's Elder Council, and some apparently knew part of the secret but none knew all: and one by one they were being murdered - apparently by the [[Lore:Dark Brotherhood|Dark Brotherhood]], although the Brotherhood themselves denied it, a denial which was later proven to be correct when the true culprits were exposed as the Waking Flame. Many of the surviving councillorscouncilors were known to be in the region of [[Lore:Blackwood|Blackwood]], where Cyrodiil borders Black Marsh, and congregated largely around the region's major towns, Cyrodiilic [[Lore:Leyawiin|Leyawiin]] and Argonian [[Lore:Gideon|Gideon]]. Of them, most had reconciled themselves to the fall of the Longhouse Emperors, and managed to hang on to positions of regional importance - for instance, [[ON:Councilor Lovidicus{{Lore Link|CouncilorTarnian Lovidicus]]}} had taken a place in the governing triumvirate of Leyawiin. However, [[ON:Councilor Vandacia{{Lore Link|CouncilorErtus Vandacia]]}} still harbouredharbored designs of seizing power for himself - the Daedric power of the pact with Dagon, the Imperial Throne, and the Four Ambitions themselves, whatever they might be: and it was he who proved to be responsible for the murder of many of his fellow councilors. The Ambitions, meanwhile, turned out to be not as expected: rather than conventional weapons, they were in fact, people, and apparently innocent well-meaning people at that - but, people whose purpose was to have been empowered at birth with power they could not control, by the sacrifice of their parents (a deed committed by Vandacia) and later to be sacrificed themselves by one who sought to seize their power. Vandacia duly deployed an army to capture the three Ambitions that had yet been found, who were quickly moved from the indefensible civilian city of Gideon to the much more sturdy Imperial-built [[ON:Fort{{Lore RedmaneLink|Fort Redmane]]}}. The bulk of his army was defeated outside the walls, but Vandacia and a powerful group of cultists were able to get into the castle with portal magic. The Ambition, Destron, used his power to destroy a large troop of cultists but was in turn slain by Vandacia, who seized his power and attempted to declare himself Emperor, even as Mehrunes Dagon himself was drawn in by the destruction and attempted to merge Tamriel into the Deadlands. Vandacia himself was slain, and the new world-merge was prevented and Dagon banished. The two known surviving Ambitions, Sombren and Calia, realised that their power was already too great and uncontrollable to remain in Tamriel until they could channel it, and they would have to hide in the Deadlands where it seemed to be dampened: meanwhile the Vestige, now entitled the Hero of Blackwood, resolved to search for the missing fourth Ambition.{{fact}}