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|region=[[Lore:Blackwood|Blackwood]]<br />([[Lore:Niben Forest|Niben Forest]])
|name=Fort Redmane
|type=Imperial Ruin
|appears=[[Oblivion:Fort Redman|Oblivion]], [[Online:Fort Redmane|ESO]]
|image=ON-interior-Fort Redmane.jpg
|imgdesc=Fort Redmane ca. {{Year|2E 582}}
}}[[File:OB-place-Fort Redman.jpg|thumb|right|Fort Redman ca. 3E 433]]</noinclude>
[[Lore:Fort Redmane|Fort Redmane]] (also called '''Fort Redman'''{{Ref|name=OBRedman|[[Oblivion:Fort Redman|Fort Redman]] location in [[Oblivion:Oblivion|Oblivion]]}} and formerly '''Fort Niben'''){{Ref|name=ALHOFR|{{Cite Book|A Legionary's History of Fort Redmane}}}} is an Imperial fort located on the banks of the [[Lore:Niben River|Niben River]], in the province of [[Lore:Cyrodiil|Cyrodiil]]. The fort was originally built to defend the [[Lore:Second Empire|Second Empire]]'s settlers in the south from [[Lore:Anequina|Anequine]] hunt-barons, but because the threat was much smaller than realized and the two kingdoms of [[Lore:Elsweyr|Elsweyr]] were later under the Empire's control, Fort Redmane saw little use and it stands on the river waiting for a threat that may never come.{{Ref|name=ALHOFR}}<noinclude>

The fort was built in {{Year|1E 2707}} shortly after Emperor {{Lore Link|Reman}}'s victory in the {{Lore Link|First Akaviri Invasion}} and it was commissioned by General {{Lore Link|Nemenius Hestor}}, commander of the {{Lore Link|Tenth Legion}}. It was made to protect {{Lore Link|Nibenay|Nibenese}} settlers that pushed west toward the savannahs of Anequina and traditional hunting grounds. General Hestor envisioned a large and impressive compound called Fort Niben, but when money was placed on subduing larger threats to the Empire, construction on the fort halted. Hestor's solution was to fabricate a large threat that would bring some attention to his superiors and used the formerly obscure clan-chieftain, {{Lore Link|Hunzur-ri}} as the leader of a wild horde of "{{Lore Link|Khajiit|beast-men}}". He went so far as to call him "the Red Mane" and built him up as a fanatic leader that went on a holy crusade to wipe out the {{Lore Link|Imperial}}s of the {{Lore Link|Trans-Niben}}.{{Ref|name=ALHOFR}}

The Empire went along with his story because of how foreign the Khajiit and their kingdoms were to them. The money came in waves for both Fort Niben's construction and the force to suppress the threat. All the while, Hunzur-ri had been badgered by other hunt-barons for "provoking" the Empire, so in retaliation, the hunt-baron assembled a small force of loyal warriors and sneaked across the Niben River to infiltrate the fort. General Nemenius hestor was killed by the Khajiit while Hunzur-ri was struck down momentarily. The Legion decided that instead of revealing Hestor's plan to fearmonger for money to his fort, they instead described his death as a heroic stand and that he gave his own life to put an end to the Red Mane. The fort was renamed Fort Redmane in honor of the event but by the time the fort was completed, the raids had stopped.{{Ref|name=ALHOFR}} Since then, Fort Redmane remained a controversial structure and has changed hands countless times.{{Ref|name=ONLoadRedmane|[[Online:Fort Redmane|Fort Redmane]] loading screen text in [[Online:Blackwood (chapter)|ESO: Blackwood]]}}

[[File:ON-interior-Fort Redmane Inner Courtyard.jpg|thumb|right|Fort Redmane during the Deadlands merger]]
[[File:ON-quest-Pyre of Ambition.jpg|thumb|left|Mehrunes Dagon in Fort Redmane]]
By the {{Lore Link|Interregnum}} in {{Year|2E 582}}, Fort Redmane was later taken over by the {{Lore Link|Black Fin Legion}} of {{Lore Link|Gideon}}, who saw fit to repair it. Sometime later, {{Lore Link|Keshu the Black Fin}} had to relocate three of the {{Lore Link|Four Ambitions}} to Fort Redmane for an impending invasion from the {{Lore Link|Order of the Waking Flame}} led by High Priest {{Lore Link|Ertus Vandacia}}. Keshu had also sent a {{Lore Link|The Vestige|mercenary}} to find allies that could help them. It is unknown if they went ahead and found more companions, but they reportedly enlisted help from the {{Lore Link|Ivory Brigade}} garrisoned in {{Lore Link|Leyawiin}}, {{Lore Link|Borderwatch}}, and the {{Lore Link|Hutan-Tzel}} area, as well as the {{Lore Link|Three Winds}} of {{Lore Link|Stonewastes}}. The Black Fin Legion guarded the anterior while the Ivory Brigade and the other allies guarded the interior of the fort.{{Ref|name=ONPyre|[[Online:Pyre of Ambition|Pyre of Ambition]] story quest in [[Online:Blackwood (chapter)|ESO: Blackwood]]}}

The bulk of the Waking Flame's forces assaulted Fort Redmane from the outside while a small contingency invaded via {{Lore Link|Portal Magic}}. Soon enough, small gates of {{Lore Link|Oblivion}} opened through Fort Redmane and the fort was engulfed in destruction. With the sacrifice of one of the ambitions, {{Lore Link|Destron}}, Vandacia began the process to merge Fort Redmane with the {{Lore Link|Deadlands}}, and in that time, he successfully brought {{Lore Link|Mehrunes Dagon}} into the fray. But with the {{Lore Link|Mysterium Xarxes}}, the ambition, Sombren was able to weaken Vandacia's magic, and the mercenary slew the High Priest, just before the merger was complete.{{Ref|name=ONPyre}} Dagon's plans were foiled in Blackwood, but the search for the final ambition continued.{{Ref|name=ONHeroes|[[Online:Heroes of Blackwood|Heroes of Blackwood]] story quest in [[Online:Blackwood (chapter)|ESO: Blackwood]]}}

By the {{Lore Link|Oblivion Crisis}} in {{Year|3E 433}}, Fort Redman was abandoned and it was taken over by a coven of {{Lore Link|vampire}}, however, it is unknown if they belonged to the {{Lore Link|Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order}}.{{Ref|name=OBRedman}} The {{Lore Link|Dark Brotherhood}} used the ruins as a dead drop for one of their {{Lore Link|Champion of Cyrodiil|assassins}}.{{Ref|name=OBHonor|[[Oblivion:A Matter of Honor|A Matter of Honor]] faction quest in [[Oblivion:Oblivion|Oblivion]]}}

ON-interior-Fort Redmane Guardhouse.jpg|The Guardhouse
ON-interior-Fort Redmane Inner Bailey.jpg|The Inner Bailey
ON-interior-Fort Redmane Museum Hall.jpg|The Museum Hall

==See Also==
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*{{Book Link|A Legionary's History of Fort Redmane}}