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History: Added bit about Redoran Council move to Vvardenfell
According to the historical-fiction novel, {{Lore Link|King Edward}}, King {{Lore Link|Cruethys}} of {{Lore Link|Ebonheart}} visited the King of Blacklight, and brought his younger brother, Prince {{Lore Link|Moraelyn}} along so that he would not cause trouble. He sent the prince into town to have his knife mended and had the local stableboy, {{Lore Link|Mith}} serve him as his guide to the city. Seeing no need for an escort, Moraelyn left the stableboy behind, but Mith relentlessly followed suit through four blocks and the city wharfswharves before the prince was able to evade him. Once Moraelyn reached the smith however, he realized that his coin pouch was stolen by Mith and the guards were called him, even though he was able to dispatch them with ease, he retreated to the hedge maze of a local park where Mith found him later. The two shared a laugh and quickly became friends. The stableboy became one of Moraelyn's first companions, before he became a well-known champion of Tamriel.{{Ref|name=KEIV|{{Cite Book|King Edward, Part IV}}}}
Since roughly {{Year|2E 530}}, House Redoran has continuously improved on Blacklight as a whole.{{Ref|name=SRCindiri}} By {{Year|2E 582}}, the Great House Dunmer of Blacklight would finance operations on the then sparsely-populated {{Lore Link|Vvardenfell}}, specifically in the upper northwest region for exploitable resources.{{Ref|name=ESOLive15|''[[General:ESO Live|ESO Live]] [ Episode 15: Lore-time with Lawrence Schick — The Imperial Library'']}} By that time, House Redoran held vast control over Vvardenfell's western region, from {{Lore Link|Gnisis}} to {{Lore Link|Suran}}, and even in {{Lore Link|Balmora}},{{Ref|name=ONVvardenfell|[[Online:Vvardenfell|Vvardenfell]] region in [[Online:Morrowind|ESO: Morrowind]]}} but made much of their business with {{Lore Link|House Hlaalu}}, much to their dismay.{{Ref|name=HCS|{{Cite Book|Hlaalu Construction Syndic}}}}
By the late {{Lore Link|Second Era}}, {{Lore Link|Tiber Septim}} and his {{Lore Link|Imperial Army}} stationed themselves west of Blacklight and nearby {{Lore Link|Cormaris View}} for their invasion of Morrowind. House Redoran assembled a motley defense of Redoran mercenaries, and an elite unit of house nobles, {{Lore Link|Buoyant Armigers}}, and {{Lore Link|Ordinators}}, however, the other Great Houses refused to bolster the western flank for their own reasons. The situation was changed when {{Lore Link|Vivec}} announced a peace agreement would be arranged with Tiber Septim, called the {{Lore Link|Armistice|Treaty of the Armistince}}. House Redoran agreed to the treaty, grateful enough to not face an army of such a scope alone.{{Ref|name=OM|{{Cite Book|On Morrowind}}}} At some point after Vvardenfell was opened to the public in {{Year|3E 414}},{{Ref|name=ASHOM|{{Cite Book|A Short History of Morrowind}}}} the Redoran Council moved to their newly-occupied territory, Ald'ruhn by the decree of the Archmaster, {{Lore Link|Bolvyn Venim}}.{{Ref|name=MWAthyn|[[Morrowind:Athyn Sarethi|Athyn Sarethi]]'s dialogue in [[Morrowind:Morrowind|Morrowind]]}}
During the {{Lore Link|Imperial Simulacrum}} in the late {{Lore Link|Third Era}}, the city-state of Blacklight was an active settlement. It was ruled by Queen Vermith and had a rivalry with {{Lore Link|Ebonheart}}.{{Ref|name=AR}} After the {{Lore Link|Red Year}} left Morrowind in a state of ruin and grief, the Argonians of {{Lore Link|Black Marsh}} took swift advantage and invaded the province in a conflict known as the Accession War.{{Ref|name=LTJ|{{Cite Book|Lymdrenn Tenvanni's Journal}}}}{{Ref|name=SRBrand|[[Skyrim:Brand-Shei|Brand-Shei]]'s dialogue in [[Skyrim:Skyrim|Skyrim]]}} The capital city, Mournhold was sacked by the Argonians, but with their army, House Redoran was able to withstand the invasion and force them out of the province, but the damage had already been done. Their own capital, Blacklight was proclaimed the capital of Morrowind{{Ref|name=SRAdril}} and the Council of the Great Houses would convene in the Rootspire. Since the last thousand years, Blacklight had improved substantially and its grandeur rivals that of Mournhold.{{Ref|name=SRCindiri}}