Skyrim:Mirri Severin

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'''Mirri Severin''' is a [[Skyrim:Dark Elf|DunmerDark Elf]] living in [[Skyrim:Raven Rock|Raven Rock]]. She is known as the daughter of [[Skyrim:Vendil Severin|Vendil]] and [[Skyrim:Tilisu Severin|Tilisu Severin]]. Her family arrived in Raven Rock about ten years ago and have worked their way up to very rich and respected members of the community.
Mirri wears a blue [[Skyrim:Dunmer Outfit|Dunmer outfit]]<!--xx03706b--> with matching [[Skyrim:Dunmer Shoes|shoes]]. She carries a leveled [[Skyrim:Dagger|dagger]] up to [[Skyrim:Daedric|daedric]] quality, along with the [[Skyrim:Severin Manor Key|key to the manor]] and a [[Skyrim:Leveled Lists#Rich|selection of upper-class items and gold]].