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{{Trail|Races}}__NOTOC__[[File:{{Multiple Images 2|width=110|BL-iconrace-avatarF-VariantHigh Altmer MaleElf.pngjpg|AFemale maleHigh AltmerElf|thumbBL-race-M-High Elf.jpg|right]]Male High Elf}}
[[Blades:Altmer|Altmer]]'''High Elves''' (also called "High Elves"'''Altmer''') are a golden-skinned elven race hailing from the sun-kissed [[Lore:Summerset Isles|Summerset Isles]]. They have a reputation as skilled magic-users. BeingHigh anElf Altmerplayers giveshave you{{Effect a +15% bonus toText|Resist Shock Resistance(innate)|m=15|noicon=1}} and a +5% bonus in{{Effect Text|Magicka Regeneration|m=5|noicon=1}}.
A list of all individual High Elf [[Blades:NPCs|NPCs]] can be found [[:Category:Blades-Altmer|here]].
For more information, see the [[Lore:Altmer|main lore article]].
BL-icon-avatar-Variant Altmer Female.png|Female High Elf [[Blades:Avatars|avatar]]
BL-icon-avatar-Variant Altmer Male.png|Male High Elf avatar
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