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==Example of Spell Making==
Making a beginner's Fire Ball.:
# Find a MageMages Guild member (or other NPC) who offers [ Make Spells ] as an option and click it.
# Under [ Spell Name:_____ ] type in the name, "Fire Ball", and hit Return.
# AtOn the right hand side (for focusing the spell's target), click the large square box for the third choice: "Single Target".
# Above that, in the ICON square box, repeatedly click that box until a red (or other suitable) icon appears.
# Click the very large square box filled with stars to Add Effect.
# Select, from the pull down list of effects, the general nature of the spell. For this example it's "Damage".
:You should read this as: Base damage 1 to 1, plus per level damage of 1 to 1 multiplied by the character's level.
:There is really not a lot for a low level player to do here but click the square Exit box.
 9. ChoseChoose a spell base, that is the type of health damage. Here, in the first choice, is Fire Damage, so click its square box.
10. Note the spell's gold pieces cost and casting cost in magicka. Is it affordable, and can you cast it?
11. If everything islooks okto be in place, click the square Buy box; otherwise, click the square Exit box.
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