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<noinclude>:''"While my brothers were slain or locked away, I have been free. I know when to fight, when to fly, when to look for allies. And so I stand before you, nikrent. Unbroken."''
[[Lore:Nahfahlaar|Nahfahlaar]], (also known as '''Nafaalilargus''',{{ref|name=Strongbox|{{Item Link|Nafaalilargus's Strongbox|id=153635|quality=5|level=1}} in ''[[Online:Online|ESO]]''}}{{ref|name=DUP|[ Dragonhold & Update 24 Preview] on the official [[Online:Online|ESO]] website}} (sometimes spelled '''Nafalilargus'''{{ref|name=RGIntroduction|Introduction of ''[[Redguard:Redguard|Redguard]]''}} or '''N'falilaargas'''{{ref|name=RGCompanion|{{Cite Book|The Redguard Companion|ns_base=Books}}}}), was a red [[Lore:Dragons|dragon]] who often allied with mortals for his own protection. He acknowledged that dragons are bound by Fenjuntiid, the will of [[Lore:Akatosh|Akatosh]], meaning that it is in a dragon's nature to pursue domination. However, he was willing to ally himself with select mortals in order to bide time and ensure his presence for events that may require his intervention.{{ref|name=ESONahfahlaar|[[Online:Nahfahlaar|Nahfahlaar]]'s dialogue in [[Online:Dragonhold|ESO: Dragonhold]]}} In more ancient times, he allied with the [[Lore:Dragonguard|Dragonguard]] and Pride of Alkosh to defeat his archenemy, Laatvulon. He took a liking to [[Lore:Ja'darri|Ja'darri]], a member of the Pride, being remembered in the legends of the moon priests as the '''Red Beast'''.{{ref|name=ESONuziwa|[[Online:Moon-Priest Nuziwa|Moon-Priest Nuziwa]]'s dialogue in [[Online:Dragonhold|ESO: Dragonhold]]}} He would later go on to serve as the proud soldier of Tiber Septim, before eventually being killed at the hands of [[Lore:Cyrus|Cyrus<!--The Restless?-->]].{{ref|name=RGIntroduction}}<noinclude>