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|Boxart3image=MW-cover-Platinum Edition Box Art.jpg|Boxart3name=Morrowind Platinum Edition box art
'''''The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind''''' is the third installment in the ''[[General:The Elder Scrolls|Elder Scrolls]]'' series. The game takes place on the island of [[Morrowind:Vvardenfell|Vvardenfell]], a district in the [[Morrowind:Dunmer|Dunmeri]] province of [[Lore:Morrowind|Morrowind]]. It is smaller in scope than the previous games in the main series, [[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]] and [[Arena:Arena|Arena]], yet much more detailed. This epic, open-ended RPG allows for a wide variety of character designs and play styles. The game continues to be sold overalmost atwo decadedecades after its initial release, partially due to the widespread mod community which has the potential to supply Morrowind with new content in perpetuity. The Xbox 360 and Xbox One are backwards compatible with both the standard and GotY editions of Morrowind.
Morrowind Game of the Year Edition is available for download from [ Steam], [], and [].