Online:Sacrament: Sewer Tenement

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Detailed Walkthrough
Speaker Terenus has a task for you. He needs you to kill someone. That "someone" will be one of the following individuals:
*[[Online:Alard Cerone|Alard Cerone]], a Breton who has seen too much (location?)
*[[Online:Andilo Andrano|Andilo Andrano]], a Dunmer with a spectacular inheritance (location?in the large southern room, upstairs on the far left)
*[[Online:Aojee-Ei|Aojee-Ei]], an Argonian poking his nose where it doesn't belong (the top rightmost room of the area)
*[[Online:Dolwinora|Dolwinora]], a Bosmer who wishes to frame her husband (the square room directly above the initial entrance to the sewer)
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