Lore:Mehrunes Dagon

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In the [[Lore:Khajiit|Khajiiti]] pantheon, Mehrunes Dagon is Merrunz,{{ref|name=ONJerkin|[[Online:Unique Items#Elsweyr|Daegonite Jerkin]] item description in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}} (also spelled '''Mehrunnez'''){{ref|name=ONMehrunnez|[[Online:Champion of Mehrunnez|Champion of Mehrunnez]] in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}} who is also called '''Daegon''',{{ref|name=HFL|{{Cite Book|Hadaz's Final Letter|ns_base=Online}}}}{{ref|name=TAS}} the '''Fire-Cat''',{{ref|name=ONNisuzi|[[Online:Nisuzi|Nisuzi]]'s dialogue in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}} and the '''Demon Cat'''.{{ref|name=TAS}} One of the children of [[Lore:Fadomai|Fadomai]]'s second litter, Merrunz was given the nickname '''Ja'Khajiit'''—"kitten" in [[Lore:Ta'agra|Ta'agra]]—by his mother due to his wild, destructive nature.{{ref|name=WOCMA}}{{ref|name=TAS}} Similarly, the Khajiit often depict Merrunz as a "destructive kitten".{{ref|name=ONJerkin}}
According to pre-[[Lore:Rid-Thar-ri'Datta|ri'Datta]] texts, at some point in time, Merrunz was exiled by his father, [[Lore:Ahnurr|Ahnurr]]. Rather than journeying through the Many Paths of Time, Merrunz chose to venture into the [[Lore:Great Darkness|Great Darkness]]. There, he was defeated by the Demon King [[Lore:Molagh|Molagh]] and tortured until the world was created. Ultimately, Merrunz was freed by Molagh's wife, [[Lore:Merid-Nunda|Merid-Nunda]], who used his destructivenessdestructive nature to attack the [[Lore:Lunar Lattice|Lunar Lattice]]. Merrunz enjoyed this and became a "kinslayer", and has since been known as the demon '''Dagon'''.{{ref|name=WOCMA|{{Cite Book|Words of Clan Mother Ahnissi}}}}{{ref|name=TAS|{{Cite Book|The Adversarial Spirits}}}}