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|appears=[[Arena:Solitude|Arena]], [[Skyrim:Solitude|Skyrim]], [[Online:Solitude|ESO]]
}}[[File:SR-map-Skyrim.jpg|thumb|right|Map of Skyrim]]</noinclude>
[[Lore:Solitude|Solitude]] (also known as '''Haafingar'''){{Ref|name=PGE1E|{{Cite Book|PGE|1|Skyrim}}}} is one of the nine major cities in the province of [[Lore:Skyrim|Skyrim]],{{Ref|name=ARMap|[[:File:AR-map-Skyrim towns.png|Map of Skyrim — The Elder Scrolls: Arena]]}}{{Ref|name=SRMap|[[:File:SR-map-Skyrim.jpg|Map of Skyrim — The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim]]}} situated on the highland bluffs of [[Lore:Haafingar|Haafingar]]. The city is a major trading capital amidst the [[Lore:Sea of Ghosts|Sea of Ghosts]], with an expansive and illustrious history that makes it the prominent political power that it is known for. It is the home of the [[Lore:Bards College|Bards College]], an institute that preserves the ancient [[Lore:Nord|Nordic]] traditions of [[Lore:Music|music]] and story-telling.{{Ref|name=PGE1E}} Solitude is seen as the [[Lore:Empire|Imperial]] seat of power in Skyrim, in fact, itand has been athe citymost ofinfluenced theby [[Lore:ThirdImperial Empire|Third Empire]]culture since the union of King [[Lore:Mantiarco|Mantiarco]] and Queen [[Lore:Potema|Potema Septim]].{{Ref|name=SRLoad|[[Skyrim:Loading Screens#City-Specific|Solitude & Winterhold]] loading screen in [[Skyrim:Skyrim|Skyrim]]}}{{Ref|name=WTWXI|{{Cite Book|Walking the World, Vol XI}}}}{{Ref|name=SR|{{Cite Book|Skyrim's Rule}}}} Since the fall of its ancient rival of [[Lore:Winterhold (city)|Winterhold]], Solitude has become the capital of Skyrim,{{Ref|name=TESVSPOGG}}{{rp|418}} and in the provincial schism, it was the capital of Western Skyrim.{{Ref|name=JTSK|{{Cite Book|Jorunn the Skald-King (book)}}}}<noinclude>