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Places Found breakdown is wrong: You're right, it is
I manually compiled these totals using the in-game map on a save file with all 367 Places Found. I have a google sheet with the full list of locations in the vanilla game sorted by type if further proof is needed of my totals.
--[[User:MeemawHustlin|MeemawHustlin]] ([[User talk:MeemawHustlin|talk]]) 03:13, 19 June 2021 (UTC)
:At a glance, it looks like someone clobbered the values that were there previously and used our list pages to figure out how many of each location type there were (e.g., [[Oblivion:Inns]] lists 36 inns). This is clearly incorrect, since not all places have map markers. For now, I've reinstated the previous values. You may want to compare your values to that list. I'm not suggesting that those are necessarily correct themselves, mind you, since there have been a number of different values by different people throughout the page's [ history]. I'm just suggesting that you use the "more correct" list to double-check your own. If you're sure, please feel free to update the list as needed. <span style="white-space:nowrap">&ndash; [[User:RobinHood70|<span style="color:royalblue; font-size:130%; font-family:Vladimir Script,serif">Robin Hood</span>]]&ensp;[[User talk:RobinHood70|<sup style="font-size:75%">(talk)</sup>]]</span> 05:08, 19 June 2021 (UTC)
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