Online:Mirri Elendis

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:'''Mirri Elendis:''' ''"This is the spot I've been looking for."''<!--she said this for me by the Brass Fortress wayshrine-->
:'''Mirri Elendis:''' ''"I've been wanting to visit here. Spare a moment?"''<!--She said this at The Orchard, just outside the wayshrine pyramid-->
:'''Mirri Elendis:''' ''"You know that Dark Elves and Orcs are both cursed races? Dunmer just don't dwell on it constantly."''
If you've stood around for a good long while, she'll get bored and say something.
If you pass a [[Online:Provisioning|cooking fire]]:
:'''Mirri Elendis:''' ''"I miss roasting pupal scribs over a fire. So sweet and airy, with a hint of crunch."''
Visiting a [[Online:Museums|Museum]] Location:
:'''Mirri Elendis:''' ''"The Vault of Moawita. This is where the Psijic Order keeps the most dangerous of items locked away!"''
:'''Mirri Elendis:''' ''"I know the Vault of Moawita is supposed to be keeping all these cursed objects from doing harm, but is gathering them all here really safe?"''
:'''Mirri Elendis:''' ''"An ancient mural chronicling the original sixteen united kingdoms of Elsweyr. It's quite remarkable."''
:'''Mirri Elendis:''' ''"This hit list looks more like a pranksters planner than a thief's to-dos. Could be fun though."''
Visiting a Daedric Ruin:
:'''Mirri Elendis:''' ''"If you brought me here because you knew I'd like it. Well done."''
Excavating an Antiquity:
:'''Mirri Elendis:''' ''"Well this seems a lot less deadly than delving. Why did mom never suggest this to me?"''
Getting on a mount:
:'''Mirri Elendis:''' ''"Was tired of walking anyway."''
:'''Mirri Elendis:''' ''"Let's ride!"''
If you attack a dragon, she might say:
:'''Mirri Elendis:''' ''"A fetching Dragon? Really?"''
:'''Mirri Elendis:''' ''"Why did it have to be a Dragon?"''
After killing a Goblin:
:'''Mirri Elendis:''' ''"Ugh, Goblins. They eat anything you know? Anything."''
After killing a Snake:
:'''Mirri Elendis:''' ''"I. Hate. Snakes."''
During a random battle:
:'''Mirri Elendis:''' ''"That's a slaughter Dagon would envy."''
:'''Mirri Elendis:''' ''"Vehk's in for some competition."''
:''"I'd really love to study those Dolmens, if they'd ever stop getting pulled into Coldharbour."''
:''"Sometimes I feel the sudden urge to paint or sculpt. I usually just make something to eat and the feeling passes."''
:''"A Daedric pet? I wonder, do Daedra keep pets? And I don't just mean things they've enslaved."''
:''"Ugh, Goblins. They eat anything you know? Anything."''
:''"I. Hate. Snakes."''
:''"Please, anything but a boat!"''