Morrowind:Spell Breaker

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|Rating=70 ''(233 Max)''
|Weight=25 ''(Heavy)''
|Enchant=1800/360=5<br>Cast When Used<br>{{MW EffectLink|Silence}} 30ft30 ft for 30sec30 secs on Target<br>{{MW EffectLink|Reflect}} 10-2010−20% for 30sec30 secs on Self
|Charge=1,800/360 = 5
Found in the Dwemer ruin [[Morrowind:Bthuand|Bthuand]], which is near the northern coast of the mainland just west of the [[Morrowind:Daedra|Daedric]] ruin [[Morrowind:Zergonipal|Zergonipal]]. The shield is hidden among some rocks in the south-southeast part of the ruins near a dead adventurer. This shield is needed for the [[Morrowind:The Imprisonment of Mastrius|vampiric quest from Mastrius]], in [[Morrowind:Salvel Ancestral Tomb|Salvel Ancestral Tomb]].
'''NOTE:''' Unless you are a vampire and on Mastrius' quest, the shield won't be there. PC Users may enter the console command <code>spell_breaker_unique->enable</code> at any time from any location to make Spell Breaker appear in Bthuand. Doing this does not disrupt any quests, and is the only way to get the shield without becoming a vampire.