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Sul saved Attrebus instead of going after Vuhon - and since the sword wasn't working, he thought something else had caused Vuhon's weakness, and figured it was probably Annaïg's poison. Mere-Glim found the pair in the skraw caves, and Sul guessed who Glim was since he was an Argonian.
Glim returned to Annaïg with Attrebus and Sul to find her fighting with Vuhon. Annaïg revealed to Glim that she'd realized that Vuhon's soul was in the ingenium at the bottom of the sump. Sul summoned a winged twilight to fight Vuhon, and Sul, Attrebus, and Glim headed down to the sump. Attrebus realized that were out of time and reminded Glim that he'd claimed to know how to take Umbriel out of Tamriel using the trees. Glim tried, but could not command them, so they continued their journey downward. Glim pulled the others through the water, and as they descended, Sul went unconscious, so Attrebus took the sword from him and held it ready. They landed in a small room, and Vuhon, who was following, attacked. Attrebus stabbed the ingenium, which stopped Vuhon. Vile suddenly possessed Attrebus and pointed out that Sul and Attrebus knew the price all along. Sul argued that it wasn't supposed to be Attrebus, and Vile stabbed Sul with Umbra. Sul pulled himself farther onto the sword and punched Attrebus, and Vile let the prince go. Sul told Attrebus that everything was okay, fell onto the ingenium, and vanished, giving his soul to Clavicus Vile.
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