Online:Iratan the Lightbringer

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they are not mournful aegises as they do not guard crypts of yokudans (hence the friggin name MOURNFUL), nor are powered by yokudan magic
|image=ON-creature-Iratan the Lightbringer.jpg
|imgdesc=Iratan the Lightbringer
|race=Mournful Aegis
|loc=[[ON:Shrine of the Reforged|Shrine of the Reforged]]
|drops=Gold, [[ON:Soul Gem|Soul Gem]], Potion or Poison, Overland set piece
'''Iratan the Lightbringer''' is one of [[ON:Meridia|Meridia]]'s "Meridimincers" (see [[ON:Auroran#Notes|Aurorannote]] [[ON:Mournful Aegis|Mournful Aegises]]below) that can be found guarding the [[ON:Shrine of the Reforged|Shrine of the Reforged]]. He is the [[Online:Group Bosses|group boss]] of said location and must be defeated to clear the location.
*Though official name of the type of Daedra is unknown, Loremaster [[General:Leamon Tuttle|Leamon Tuttle]] gave them the nickname "Meridimincers" in jest.
* Iratan uses the same model as the [[ON:Symphony of Blades|Symphony of Blades]], but has two arms instead of four, and is smaller.
**They are mentioned in a [[Lore:Loremaster's Archive - Mehrunes Dagon & Daedra in the Second Era|Loremaster's Archive]], in which [[Online:Lyranth|Lyranth]] states that they are "of little concern to the Kyn."
* Iratan uses the same model as the*The [[ON:Symphony of Blades|Symphony of Blades]] is another of this type of Daedra, butthough he has twofour arms instead of fourtwo, and is smallerbigger.