Online:Isle of Balfiera

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* The island is not intended to be reached as it is surrounded by [[ON:Slaughterfish|slaughterfish]]-infested waters, although exists in the worldspaces of both Glenumbra and Stormhaven (but not in the [[ON:Alik'r Desert|Alik'r Desert]], despite the map of the region extending to its waters).
* At the end of The Gates of Adamant quest, you must leave Balferia and choose your own starter zone to begin your adventure in, though your will not be able to do their respective tutorials. This effectively renders the following content deprecated:
**[[Online:Morrowind|Morrowind]]'s [[Online:Broken Bonds|Broken Bonds]]
**[[Online:Summerset|Summerset]]'s [[Online:The Mind Trap|The Mind Trap]]
**[[Online:Greymoor|Greymoor]]'s [[Online:Bound in Blood|Bound in Blood]]
*Skipping the tutorial will just drop you off in the zone from the most recent Chapter release you own.
* There were originally [[ON:Cut Content|unimplemented plans]] for Balfiera to be an instanced location in the initial [[ON:Main Quest|Main Quest]] storyline, and later as a [[ON:Battlegrounds|Battleground]].
* The tutorial was first announced in [ ESO 2021 Global Reveal Event - Gates of Oblivion] by Pete Hines and Rich Lambert. The placeholder model originally had [[Online:White-Gold Tower|White-Gold Tower]].
* [[ON:Balfiera Herbal Tonic|Balfiera Herbal Tonic]] is named after the island.
*In the room where you choose your weapon, you can look to your right into a cell to find a reference to the game [ Dark Souls]. For more information, see the [[Online:Easter Eggs#Dark Souls|Easter Eggs]] page.
ON-interior-Direnni Tower.jpg|Portals
ON-place-Adamantine Tower.jpg|Early version of the Direnni Tower
ON-misc-Dark Souls Easter Egg.jpg|Dark Souls Easter Egg