Online:Isle of Balfiera

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|location=Center of {{Lore Link|Iliac Bay}}, between [[ON:Glenumbra|Glenumbra]], [[ON:Stormhaven|Stormhaven]], and the [[ON:Alik'r Desert|Alik'r Desert]]
|loadtext=No one can say precisely how old the Adamantine Tower is. Or how deep it goes. But those who sought to plumb its secrets often left mysteries of their own.—Tessurian Direnni
<!--|occupants=(Verify)[[ON:Stone Golem|Stone Golem^n]], [[ON:Animated Armor^n|Animated Armor]], [[ON:Golem Invoker^n|Golem Invoker]], [[ON:Golem Champion^n|Golem Champion]], [[ON:Sabre Cat (Balfiera)|Sabre Cat-->]]
}}All characters created after the release of [[Online:Blackwood|Blackwood]] will be placed in this zone to go through a quest that serves as a tutorial over the game's systems.