Lore:Rada al-Saran

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|appears=[[Online:Rada al-Saran|ESO]]
{{Lore Link|Rada al-Saran}} was aan ancient warrior who claimed to match the gods in the way of the sword.{{ref|name=ONRada|[[Online:Rada al-Saran|Rada al-Saran]]'s dialogue in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}} Born in [[Lore:Yokuda|Yokuda]], he ventured to the bloody shores of [[Lore:Hammerfell|Hammerfell]] to dedicate himself to perfecting his swordsmanship, and would first manifest his [[Lore:Shehai|Shehai]] there. His commitment to perfection was necessary, as to gain glory back in Yokuda, where "peerless swordmasters were as common as grains of sand", he would need nothing less.{{ref|name=ONRahama|[[Online:Rahama|Rahama]]'s dialogue in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}} According to legend, to challenge himself, he dueled [[Lore:Leki|Leki]] to a standstill.{{ref|name=ONRahama}} He would later go on to join the [[Lore:Gray Host|Gray Host]] in the [[Lore:First Era|First Era]], and was responsible for the group's resurgence when he became a Vampire Lord by the title of the '''Ashen Lord''' during the Interregnum.<noinclude>
===First Era===