Skyrim:Mirri Severin

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===Served Cold===
[[File:SR-quest-Served Cold 04.jpg|thumb|right|''"Watch it Tilisu, I think we might have a visitor!"'']]
When [[Skyrim:March of the Dead|March of the Dead]] and [[Skyrim:The Final Descent|The Final Descent]] are completed, you will be given a special task by [[Skyrim:Adril Arano|Second Councilor Arano]] concerning an assassination plot. You will be sent to [[Skyrim:Ulen Ancestral Tomb|Ulen Ancestral Tomb]] where you must uncover the identity of an unknown visitor. You will eventually encounter Tilisu, in silentlysilent prayer near the central grave. After your investigation has been reported to the Second Councilor you will be sent to Severin Manor to gather [[Skyrim:The Ulen Matter|incriminating evidence]]. Asking Adril about the Severins will make him tell you, ''"Tilisu is wife to the family patriarch, Vendil. They have a single child, a daughter named Mirri. They arrived here ten years ago, and have been nothing but a benefit to Raven Rock ever since."'' If you ask if there's anything unusual about them will make him mention Mirri's secret ''"People have mentioned it's a bit odd about how close in age Mirri appears to be to her father, but that's hardly a cause for alarm. Just make sure that you find solid evidence. If I accuse them without it, I'll be the laughingstock of the colony."''
Once you're inside, you will notice that you're not alone. Tilisu and Mirri are both located within and should you get detected by Mirri, she will call out to her companion, ''"Watch it Tilisu, I think we might have a visitor!"'', she might also call out to you, ''"Stop hiding, coward. I'll make it quick, I promise."'' Should Tilisu be the one to detect you, she won't hesitate to call out to Mirri either, ''"Careful Mirri... someone's in here with us!"'' Should you get into a fight with Mirri here, she will angrily yell, ''"For House Hlaalu! For Vilur Ulen!"''
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