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Fourth Era
===Fourth Era===
In the early {{Lore Link|Fourth Era}}, following the {{Lore Link|Oblivion Crisis}} and the destabilization of the Third Empire, the combined forces of Hammerfell and High Rock sacked Orsinium, leading many Orc refugees to flee east into {{Lore Link|Skyrim}}.{{ref|name=LoS|{{Cite Book|Lord of Souls}}}}
High Rock was still part of the Empire when {{Lore Link|Titus Mede II}} ascended the throne of Cyrodiil in {{Year|4E 168}}. High Rock assisted Hammerfell during the {{Lore Link|Great War}}. The {{Lore Link|Third Aldmeri Dominion}} took Hammerfell's southern coastline, leaving {{Lore Link|Hegathe}} the lone surviving state. Those who survived the {{Lore Link|March of Thirst}} joined Legion reinforcements from High Rock in northern Hammerfell in {{Year|4E 173}}, and the Dominion suffered losses in the province soon after. The Dominion withdrew from the Redguards' home in {{Year|4E 174}}. Forces comprised of Redguards, Imperials, Nords and Bretons participated in the {{Lore Link|The Battle of the Red Ring}} in {{Year|4E 175}}. It was the climax of the war, and the last major conflict to occur before the signing of the {{Lore Link|White-Gold Concordat}}.{{ref|group=BK|{{Cite Book|The Great War (book)}}}}