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====The Tiber Wars====
During the {{Lore Link|Tiber Wars}}, a Nord-Breton alliance captured [[Lore:Sancre Tor|Sancre Tor]] in {{Year|2E 852}}. General Talos recaptured the city and integrated the Nordic forces, impressed by his [[Lore:Thu'um|thu'um]], into his own army.{{ref|group=BK|name=PGE1C|{{Cite Book|Pocket Guide to the Empire, 1st Edition/Cyrodiil}}}} He executed the Breton leadership and variously executed, enslaved, and sent the Breton forces back to High Rock.{{Ref|name=BoST|{{Cite Book|Battle of Sancre Tor}}}} Those Bretons who remained sought to counter Talos with Reach-magic, and in {{Year|2E 584 }}, entrusted a Reachman to assassinate [[Lore:Cuhlecain|Cuhlecain]] and his general. Talos survived the attack, and went on to found the [[Lore:Third Empire|Third Empire]]{{ref|group=BK|name=PGE1C|{{Cite Book|Pocket Guide to the Empire, 1st Edition/Cyrodiil}}}}—though ''[[Lore:The Arcturian Heresy|The Arcturian Heresy]]'' claims Talos himself slew Cuhlecain, and placed the blame on his enemies.{{Ref|name=TAH|{{Cite Book|The Arcturian Heresy}}}}
At some point in their history, the Bretons were ruled by witch-kings.{{ref|group=BK|name=CP}} Talos, now known as [[Lore:Tiber Septim|Tiber Septim]], would easily conquer the squabbling Breton kingdoms, but would find it impossible to truly squash the sectarian conflicts between them that hampered trade and prosperity.{{ref|group=BK|name=PGE1High}}{{ref|group=BK|name=PGE3High}} Septim opted to entrust a governor of his choosing to end the feud between High Rock's witch-kings, which was a successful endeavor.{{ref|[[Redguard:Krisandra|Krisandra]]'s dialogue in ''[[Redguard:Redguard|Redguard]]}}