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They are described as man-like{{ref|name=MUT|{{Cite Book|Mixed Unit Tactics}}}}, orand man-faced,{{ref|name=PGE1E}}, andthough their alleged human features are actually "distinctly Elven in appearance".{{ref|name=PGE1E}} They actualy visually likeresembe Bosmer, though they are sometimes shorter. To avoid being mistaken as such, many Ohmes tattoo or paint their faces to resemble a feline-aspect.{{ref|group=UOL|name=IWTB}}{{ref|name=RDKA}} The [[Lore:Imperial Geographical Society|Imperial Geographical Society]] previously claimed them to be the most common kind of khajiit to be encountered outside of Elsweyr, usually as adventurers or diplomats,{{ref|name=PGE1E}} though they are in fact seen far less often than other furstocks.
File:AR-race-Khajiit Females.gif|An Ohmes{{ref|group=UOL|name=DGFP|{{TIL|Forum posts|goodall}} of ''Douglas Goodall''}}