|sumtitle=[[Lore:Crafting Motifs|Crafting Motif]] 75,: Sunspire Style
|author=[[Lore:Books by Author#Azin-jo|Azin-jo]], Esteemed Bishop of [[Online:Sunspire{{Lore Link|Sunspire]]}}
|description=A guide to crafting gear and weapons in the Sunspire Style
|up=[[Lore:Crafting Motifs|Crafting Motifs]]
The bowyers of Sunspire are right to boast when demonstrating the strength of their arms. Wood cured in the sacred heat of the Shrine of Jode flexes like a young {{Lore Link|Dagi}}, but launches arrows that strike with a {{Lore Link|Senche-raht}}'s strength!
Our Dragon-father, Alkosh, made us strong, while our mother, {{Lore Link|Azurah}}, made us lithe and swift. The snug tunics and sturdy breastplates of Sunspire reflect the will of both! No true Khajiit would suffer inside a stuffy metal shell. So, even our heaviest hauberks leave room to flex and bend.