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[[File:ON-npc-Rid-Thar-ri'Datta.jpg|thumb|left|Rid-Thar-ri'Datta, father of modern Khajiit theology]]
A monomythic society, the Khajiit are educated in their beliefs by the figures within their communities known as "Clan Mothers", whose duty it is to disseminate the cultural myths among their kind, and who maintain autonomy from the Mane and the disparate tribal leaders.{{ref|name=WOCMA|{{Cite Book|Words of Clan Mother Ahnissi}}}}
Modern Khajiit hold the virtues given to them by the Riddle'Thar as sacred, which tells how modern khajiit must live. As prophesied by the First Mane of the Epiphany, They must be curious (to avoid Lorkhan's depictions), clever (to navigate the hardships of life), kind (to "blaze a trail for the downtrodden to follow"), pious (to avoid Namiira's temptations), and wary (of the other races, as well as the dangers of Oblivion). These virtues, along with some of the spirits that are approved after the Riddle'Thar Epiphany, are detailed in the book, the ''[[Lore:Secrets of the Riddle'Thar|Secrets of the Riddle'Thar]]''.{{ref|name=ESOSRT|{{Cite Book|Secrets of the Riddle'Thar}}}}
[[File:ON-item-Alkosh's Hourglass, Replica.png|thumb|right|Depiction of Alkosh, the "First Cat"|class=backdrop]]