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#REDIRECT [[Online:Mounts H#Hearthfire Kagouti]] [[Category:Redirects to Broader Subjects]]
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|icon=ON-icon-mount-Hearthfire Kagouti
|price={{ESO Crowns|4,000}}<br>{{ESO Crowns|?}} (discount)
|acquisition=[[ON:Crown Store|Crown Store]]
|date=May 25, 2017 - June 12, 2017<br>{{huh}}, 2019 - {{huh}}, 2019
}}The '''Hearthfire Kagouti''' was available from the [[ON:Crown Store|Crown Store]] for {{ESO Crowns|4,000}} from May 25 to June 12, 2017. It returned during the [[Online:Morrowind Celebration Event#Morrowind Celebration 2019|Morrowind Celebration Event]] in 2019 and was offered to [[Online:ESO Plus|ESO Plus]] subscribers at a discounted {{ESO Crowns|?}}. Its default name is "Emberscale".
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'''Appearances: {{huh|Number of appearances}}'''
*Crown Store - May 25, 2017 - June 12, 2017
*Crown Store - {{huh}}, 2019 - {{huh}}, 2019 - Discounted
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File:ON-crown store-Hearthfire Kagouti.jpg|[[Online:Crown Store Renders/Mounts|Promotional render]]
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