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The Sage was born some time after the formation of the {{Lore Link|Mages Guild}}. His birth occuredoccurred under special circumstances, and he was gifted with an exceptional affinity for {{Lore Link|magic}}. Recognizing his great talent, the local wizard instructed Gyron in the magical arts. Eventually, after surpassing his master, Gyron left his humble home in Moonguard for the city-state of {{Lore Link|Shornhelm}}. In Shornhelm, he received training from the guildmaster, {{Lore Link|Morkledder}}, but he soon exceeded the Mages Guild and began to train at the {{Lore Link|Crystal Tower}}. However, after exceeding the Elder of the Council of Wizards in the Crystal Tower, Gyron returned to Moonguard, taking the role of the village wizard. He lived in his hometown for years until the death of his parents. In grief, Gyron spent the rest of his life attempting to learn the secrets of immortality so that grief like his would never happen again. Eventually, he retired to the {{Lore Link|Kurallian Mountains}} near Shornhelm.{{Ref|{{Cite Book|The Sage}}}}
During the {{Lore Link|Imperial Simulacrum}} in the late {{Lore Link|Third Era}}, the village of Moonguard was an active settlement ruled by Lord Tristard. It had a rivalry with {{Lore Link|Eagle Brook}} and the {{Lore Link|Ebon Wastes}}.{{Ref|[[Arena:Moonguard|Moonguard]] location and rumors in [[Arena:Arena|Arena]]}} It was neighbored by several settlements, including {{Lore Link|Camlorn}} in the northwest and {{Lore Link|Kings Guard}} in the east.{{Ref|name=MapArena|[[:File:AR-map-High Rock towns.png|Map of High Rock — The Elder Scrolls: Arena]]}}