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{{Deprecated|[[Online:New Life Festival#2020|2020 New Life Festival]]}}{{About|the mountcreature|the creaturemount|ONOnline:Crimson Indrik (creature)}}
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|titlenameimage=ON-creature-Crimson Indrik.jpg
|imageimgdesc=ON-mount-A Crimson Indrik
|imgdescrace=Crimson Indrik
|icon=ON-icon-mount-Crimson Indrik
|description=Born when a sunset's light tickles Magicka-imbued bird feathers, the [[Online:Crimson Indrik|Crimson Indrik]] possesses a flowing gait. Scholars observe that the [[Online:Indrik|indrik]]'s magical nature promotes self-reflection.
|loc={{ESO Alliances|Dominion=[[ON:Event Exchange (Auridon)|Event Exchange (Auridon)]]|Covenant=[[ON:Event Exchange (Glenumbra)|Event Exchange (Glenumbra)]]|Pact=[[ON:Event Exchange (Stonefalls)|Event Exchange (Stonefalls)]]|Morrowind=[[ON:Event Exchange (Vvardenfell)|Event Exchange (Vvardenfell)]]|Summerset=[[ON:Event Exchange (Summerset)|Event Exchange (Summerset)]]|Elsweyr=[[ON:Event Exchange (Northern Elsweyr)|Event Exchange (Northern Elsweyr)]]|Greymoor=[[ON:Event Exchange (Western Skyrim)|Event Exchange (Western Skyrim)]]}}
}}'''Crimson Indriks''' are located at the Event Exchanges located outside the main city of each [[ON:Alliances|Alliance]]'s starting zone. They are found in pens next to [[ON:The Impresario|the Impresario]].
|acquisition=Evolving a [[Online:Nascent Indrik|Nascent Indrik]] with [[Online:Fragments|Fragments]] obtained during [[Online:Events|Events]]
}}The {{Item Link|collectid=7467|Crimson Indrik}} was obtained by combining four different Crimson Berries with a [[Online:Nascent Indrik|Nascent Indrik]] mount. The Nascent Indrik would become a Crimson Indrik. It is the final Indrik evolution planned for release. Its default name is "Caprice".
''"One of four Legendary Crimson Berries. Acquired from the Impresario for a limited time."''
* {{Item Link|collectid=8465|Crimson Berries of Bloom}}''' — [[Online:Witches_Festival#Witches_Festival_2020|Witches Festival 2020]]
* {{Item Link|collectid=8466|Crimson Berries of Budding}}''' — [[Online:Witches_Festival#Witches_Festival_2020|Witches Festival 2020]]
* {{Item Link|collectid=8467|Crimson Berries of Growth}}''' — [[Online:Undaunted_Celebration_Event#Undaunted_Celebration_2020|Undaunted Celebration 2020]]
* {{Item Link|collectid=8468|Crimson Berries of Ripeness}}''' — [[Online:New_Life_Festival#New_Life_Festival_2019|New Life Festival 2020]]
The last time all four Crimson berries were available was during the [[Online:New Life Festival#New Life Festival 2020|New Life Festival 2020]] event.
==Physical Appearance==-->
They can no longer be found near the Impresario as of the end of the 2020 New Life Festival.
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==Related Quests==
*{{Quest Link|Quest Name}}
* The [[Online:Rosethorn Indrik|Rosethorn Indrik]] pet is the smaller equivalent of the Crimson Indrik mount.
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File:ON-mount-Crimson Indrik 02.jpg|Fully upgraded
File:ON-prerelease-Crimson Indrik.jpg|[[Online:Crown Store Renders/Mounts|Promotional render]]
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