Blades:Wood Elf

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{{Trail|Races}}__NOTOC__[[File:BL-icon-avatar-Variant Bosmer Male.png|A male Bosmer|thumb|right]]
[[Blades:Bosmer|Bosmer]] (also known as "Wood Elves") are an [[Lore:Mer|elven]] [[Blades:Races|race]] hailing from the dense jungles of [[Lore:Valenwood|Valenwood]]. Being a Bosmer gives you a +15% bonus to [[Blades:Resist Poison (innate)|Poison Resistance]] and a +5% bonus to [[Blades:Enhance Maneuver|damage]] you deal with [[Blades:Skills#Abilities|Abilities]].
For more information, see the [[Lore:Bosmer|main lore article]].
A list of all the Bosmer encountered in ''[[Blades:Blades|Blades]]'' can be found [[:Category:Blades-Bosmer|here]].