Online:Bahzahar the Bull

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}}[[File:ON-npc-Bahzahar the Bull 02.jpg|thumb|right|Bahzahar the Bull. His weapons are enchanted.]]
'''Bahzahar the Bull''' is a [[ON:Pahmar|Pahmar]] skooma lord found in [[Online:Moonlit Cove|Moonlit Cove]] during the related quest. He traded ''[[ON:The Perfect Pounce|The Perfect Pounce]]'' to [[ON:Za'ji|Za'ji]] in exchange for a bell from [[ON:Khenarthi's Breath Temple|Khenarthi's Breath Temple]].
He calls in reinforcements in the form of [[ON:Ruddy Fang Lurker|Ruddy Fang Lurkers]].
:'''Bahzahar the Bull:''' ''"Come here, you muskarses! We've got intruders!"''
* His furstock is revealed to be a [[Lore:Pahmar|Pahmar]] by Za'ji.