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There were other examples of helpful spirits, such as Mafala who watches over Eight of the Many Paths, and teaches to "Lust for nothing but Truth.",{{Ref|name=TWaS|{{Cite Book|The Wandering Spirits}}}} Boethra, the patron of warriors and rebellious exiles,{{ref|name=ESOSB}} and Hircine, who guides Khajiit back to the Path should they get lost.{{Ref|name=TWS|{{Cite Book|The Worldly Spirits}}}} The barrier of going through the Path are the challenges posed by many hostile spirits, a sample which are Sheggorath and his Madness,{{Ref|name=TAS|{{Cite Book|The Adversarial Spirits}}}} Sangiin and his Lust without purpose,{{Ref|name=TWS}} and most notably Namiira, who is responsible for corrupting Khajiit souls.{{Ref|name=TDS|{{Cite Book|The Dark Spirits}}}}
Modern Khajiit hold the virtues given to them by the Riddle'Thar as sacred, which tells how modern khajiit must live. As prophesied by the First Mane of the Epiphany, They must be curious (to avoid Lorkhan's depictions), clever (to navigate the hardships of life), kind (to "blaze a trail for the downtrodden to follow"), pious (to avoid Namiira's temptations), and wary (of the other races, as well as the dangers of Oblivion). These virtues, along with some of the spirits that are arewere approved after the Riddle'Thar Epiphany, are detailed in the book, the ''[[Lore:Secrets of the Riddle'Thar|Secrets of the Riddle'Thar]]''.{{ref|name=ESOSRT|{{Cite Book|Secrets of the Riddle'Thar}}}}
Among the Khajiiti Pantheon are the two litter-mates, [[Lore:Ahnurr|Ahnurr]] and [[Lore:Fadomai|Fadomai]], which the Khajiit believe life originated from.{{ref|name=WOCMA}}